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Sergio Ramos talks about his current situation and sends a message to Real Madrid

German Centeno
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Sergio Ramos talks about his current situation and sends a message to Real Madrid
Ramos has a contract with PSG until 2023

Spanish defender Sergio Ramos, now a player for the French club PSG and who has not been able to make his debut for Paris Saint-Germain due to his injuries that have prevented him from returning to the pitch, talks about his situation.

Ramos has admitted that after his arrival at PSG in the summer he has had to go through very difficult times, mainly due to his state of health that continues to prevent him from doing what he likes the most and that ends the patience of the leaders of his current club.

"In the end they are very complicated moments, moments of great loneliness. Spending hours in a gym with the physiotherapist or with a physical trainer. Many negative thoughts come to your head, which on many occasions make you doubt". This was made known during an interview with Amazon Primer Video last Sunday.

Despite all this situation, the current 35-year-old player has expressed that he continues to trust himself despite everything he has had to live after his departure from Real Madrid.

Ramos is called up again

Sergio Ramos talks about his current situation and sends a message to Real Madrid
Ramos called up for the first time by Pochettino

"I have always believed in myself and in my work. I focus a lot on restoring the confidence of the club about my sporting abilities. I hope to reach my best level as quickly as possible" Sergio Ramos commented.

Since arriving in the French capital, the Spanish player has been away from the courts due to his injuries. However, he was called up for the first time by Mauricio Pochettino on November 23 for the match against Manchester City for the group stage of the Champions League.

But the Spanish player did not see any minute in that match, which the British ended up winning by 2 goals to 1, achieving first place in the group. His call has been a great advance for everyone, so it is expected that he can see minutes in the next games.

Ramos sends a message to Real Madrid

Sergio Ramos talks about his current situation and sends a message to Real Madrid
"I have four or five years of career left"

It is not a secret for anyone that the former Real Madrid player left the White House because of his age, who is currently 35 years old and did not enter into the plans of the White House that want to rejuvenate the team. This is how in this interview he has assured that he still has 4 or 5 more years to play football.

"I think I can continue playing for another four or five years. The most important thing about this is that my head holds. I hope I don't have any more physical problems," said the defender, who currently has a contract with PSG until June 2023.

Argentine coach Mauricio Pochettin, has indicated in the preview of this Saturday's game against Saint-Étienne that Ramos is "a great champion who can bring a lot of knowledge and experience to the rest of the team."

Ramos is a player who knows a lot of virtues that can help favor the current moment of PSG. "We are very happy with the evolution of Ramos, what he needs now is to start competing" pointed out Pochettino.

"He comes from a Spanish league and has also not competed for many months, in addition, he arrives in a French league that is completely different. We are going to see how he adapts. It is very difficult to predict the weather, it is all a matter of seeing how he adapts to his new environment and to his new circumstance ", concluded the Argentine coach.