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The Real Madrid of Ancelotti could not with the Osasuna

German Centeno
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The Real Madrid of Ancelotti could not with the Osasuna – Sports – WebMediums
Vinícius contesting the ball

Osasuna had so far won in all their outings, but Real Madrid came up with left-handers on the right side like Asensio and Camavinga, while right-handers on the left side like Vinícius and Kroos. That was how the white team played between bands, communicating with each other while the others contributed.

Those of Ancelotti showed a very good circulation of the game, so the Italian's approach seemed to work out wonderfully, taking into account that this was a very important match that if they won it would raise the merits of having won the classic.

This game was given by the ability of the German Toni Kroos to send long passes, although his pace of play was declining with the passage of minutes. While Osasuna had the great merit of not letting them play and stopping the German and Karim Benzema in the first 45 minutes.

In this way, Madrid only remained with Vinícius showing his best, but the Brazilian every time he received the ball had at least three rivals on top of him, so his game task was also complicated.

That was how the Brazilian each time crashed into a red wall, the spaces that Real Madrid found were very few, one of them in the 15th minute and Vinicíus was able to whip, and also a very fast counter from Camavinga and Asensio.

Very good marking by Osasuna

The Real Madrid of Ancelotti could not with the Osasuna – Sports – WebMediums
A red barrier that prevents him from going to Madrid

The most remarkable thing about Osasuna was his marking, that's how the Brazilian Vinícius, who was very marked, made the decision to start testing from outside the area, since his team could not advance on the opponent's defensive wall.

This meant that other white players like Camavinga, Kroos and Militao also tried to test from outside the area, but none of them had any luck.

While it is true, Ancelotti's men did not attack very well, they were a bit static and Osasuna could not reach Courtois for the world, so Osasuna only defended while Madrid tried to do damage. Good teams and good defensive tactics have been creating many concrete problems for Real Madrid.

One of the advantages of Ancelotti and that he has achieved is that his team defensively no longer trembles. Madrid has recovered a defensive solidity that allows it to be much more confident, so it is a team that seeks a lot for the goal, so defensive solidity is essential in these types of teams.

Second time

The Real Madrid of Ancelotti could not with the Osasuna – Sports – WebMediums
Osasuna: An impeccable defensive job

In the second half they would not change things much, Ancelotii decides to change Camavinga for Rodrygo, Camavinga came out a little uncomfortable and with a yellow on his back. His change was more than necessary to be able to open the field and make a much wider game.

It can be said that the entry of Rodrygo was a success for the Italian, but he also lost an important deployment in midfield. An example of this was Madrid's corner kick that ended in a counter from the rival and Moncayola's shot would end up on the post.

At that time, the Whites' midfield was much more passable for Osasuna and less constructive for Real Madrid. Ancelotti's men went on the attack safely and clearly, putting the rival in their own area. The team showed a 4-2-4 system, but in reality it was 4-2-4.

Any occasion was ideal for Rodrygo to overflow the right wing, they tried to take advantage of his speed with the ball, so the Madrid game was much faster. However, despite getting very close to the rival area and putting them against their goal, Ancelotti's men could not score.

The Osasuna only dedicated itself to defending and closing itself in the few spaces that it was difficult to find. While Benzema insisted a lot for Vinícius' area, getting ahead or behind him as if helping him to integrate and that he could make the end of a wide play for him.

At minute 70 of the game they managed to combine Vinícius, Benzema, Hazard and Rodrygo. The targets showed intense attack, but were not finishers. Benzema had a very good chance of scoring that he could not specify, the same would happen with the Brazilian Vini.

In the game of those led by the Italian you could hear the clock and time running out, which created some impatience in all the players, Madrid lost calm and order by 0-0, so they only tried to reach the rival goal and be able to score the goal that gave them victory.

That is how Ancelotti's 4-2-4 was applied again, which has given good results and is applied in times of emergency, where they strip the midfield, but try to group men in the opponent's area.

Madrid shot a lot in this game even from midfield, but they didn't always shoot well, in the final even Marcelo dared to hit him from afar, it was like everyone's attempt to hit him that in the final one of so many balls is going to enter. There were also many desperate centers that were directed at Hazard, one of the smallest on the court.

It cannot be denied that Madrid's siege was imposing, but they encountered an Osasuna who never neglected defensively and who did their job to perfection. Madrid only rescues 1 point out of 3 and has a tasteless for this tie that does not allow them to continue escaping from Sevilla and other teams behind their backs.

Real Madrid is the leader

The Real Madrid of Ancelotti could not with the Osasuna – Sports – WebMediums
Ancelotti at the press conference

For now, the white team shares the lead in terms of point with Sevilla, Betis and Real Sociedad, the white team is the leader by the number of goals in favor. However, the colchoneros have 18 points and one game less than Ancelotti's.

This means that Atlético de Madrid if they won that game less could reach 21 units, so they would also reach Real Madrid in the first position of the table.

Ancelotti knows that losing the two points of this day can cost him dearly, leaving him tasteless, since this tie detracts from what he achieved at the Camp Nou weekend.

For now, those led by the Italian should only focus on adding three in the next day and try to get a difference of important points with the rest of the teams.