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The real reason why Soteldo is out of the qualifiers with Venezuela

German Centeno
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The real reason why Soteldo is out of the qualifiers with Venezuela
Yeferson Soteldo does not travel to Chile due to indiscipline

After the match against Brazil, the Venezuelan soccer team announced in the preview of the match against Ecuador that the Venezuelan midfielder Soltedo would have been left out of the call for the rest of the qualifying games due to injury, but this would not be true at all, since the output of your selection would be due to another reason.

This became bad news for Venezuelans, who see Yeferson Soteldo as the top figure of their national team, so having him on the court is a great advantage for the vinotinto.

However, the good juice that the national team has shown in their last games did not surprise him much against Ecuador.

The Venezuelan Football Federation announced in a statement that the player was ruling out Solteldo for the match on day 5 due to injury, but it turns out that the muscle problems would have been a lie to justify his absence before Ecuador and hides a suspension for indiscipline.

The truth always comes out

The real reason why Soteldo is out of the qualifiers with Venezuela
His teammates have asked him to leave the concentration

A renowned tweeter and influential Venezuelan in the sports world known as Jesús Aguilera Esteller, ignited the controversy around the vinotinto after ensuring that he knows the truth of the story of the player's departure from Toronto FC.

Considering that his muscular problems were completely false and that the player is very well physically.

According to the influential Venezuelan, everything would have started when the player decided to party after the game against Brazil. "Soteldo goes to party with everything that a normal rumba of a male athlete means, this party would take place in the Mercedes-Caracas, where he would have ingested liquor and danced most of the night. The player abandons the concentration and arrives the next day, thus losing himself to lunch with his companions", were some stories from the Venezuelan Twitter user.

Upon returning to the concentration of the vinotinto, Soteldo encountered the annoyance of his teammates who were not happy with his attitude. "Upon reaching his teammates again, Soteldo is confronted by two of the most experienced players in the national team, who spoke to him with very harsh words. The player takes a humble attitude and asks them not to believe in gossip and that he was fixing some delicate problems ", adds Jesús Aguilera Esteller.

"The two players who took over the leadership felt mocked by Yeferson and told them that they were going more than five or six times that he did the same in the last concentrations. All this made the discussion heated up, and the point reached where they almost fell to blows "detailed the Venezuelan influencer.

He also assured that it was his teammates who decided to throw Soteldo out of the concentration, where one of the team leaders would have told the team's technical staff that if they did not have the courage to remove him, then all the rest of the team would be the that they would not play and would abandon the team.

In this way, Yeferson Soteldo left the team thrown out by his teammates and not by the Technical Director or by the Federation.

This has been the real reason why Yeferson Soteldo became one of the main absences of the Venezuelan team to face Ecuador and now to face Chile.

For this third match, the vinotinto will not have the central Jhon Chancellor either due to personal problems with his club and with the midfielder Junior Moreno, who is suspended due to the accumulation of yellow cards.

Venezuela is confident to beat Chile

The real reason why Soteldo is out of the qualifiers with Venezuela
Venezuela Vs. Chile

For several games ago the Venezuelan soccer team has been showing a better collective game as it could be seen against Brazil and Ecuador, against Brazil the vinotinto had its best minutes of play for a long time, and now you see a team a lot more compact, aggressive and with better vision of the game.

Despite this, the results were not being given to the team, since they are still very vulnerable when the rival attacks them, so they easily receive goals.

However, having achieved a victory against Ecuador allows the team to gain much more confidence, so it is expected that this Thursday the Venezuelan team can get three points in Santiago de Chile.

The first meeting between the two teams for these qualifiers to Qatar 2022 ended in victory for Venezuela in Caracas, so surely Chile will want to do the same at home, but this time it will find a red wine that is going through one of its best moments in terms of to the collective game, a team that knows what they are doing and that trust themselves.