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The taboo of homosexuality in men's football ends

German Centeno
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The taboo of homosexuality in men's football ends – Sports – WebMediums
Josh Cavallo comes out as gay in public

The 21-year-old Australian, Josh Cavallo, has confessed to the whole world his sexual orientation and has confessed that it has cost him a lot to take the step that many other players have had trouble taking. This young footballer has won the applause of the world of football, and he supported important players in this sport.

This is how this professional footballer from Australia has publicly announced that he is gay. Likewise, he has expressed that he feels very happy to have done this something public and hopes to serve as an example for other footballers who still do not dare to take this step.

Without a doubt it has been a very brave message from this young man, who has been applauded by the FC player. Barcelona Gerard Piqué and other footballers who see Cavallo's gesture as something very important to end the silent hell with which many other players in this sport drag.

Josh Cavallo comes out as gay

The taboo of homosexuality in men's football ends – Sports – WebMediums
Josh Cavallo motivates other footballers to come out of the closet

"I am very proud to publicly announce that I am gay. I have had to travel a long journey to reach this point in my life, but I cannot be happier with my decision than to have come out of the closet", Josh Cavallo announced through his social networks, the 21-year-old footballers international with the lower categories of the Australian national team.

The player has received public support from his club, Adelaide United and the Australian Football Federation. This young man has recognized that until today he had been forced to mask his feelings in order to fit into the mold of a professional footballer, but this time he has preferred to be honest with himself and with the world of football.

"Clearly in professional football there are many gay players who have not said it publicly and not only in Australia, but in all parts of the world. I hope this will change in the near future. I hope that by showing my identity, it can serve as support for other members of the LGBTQ + community to be encouraged to be welcomed into the football community. " Cavallo added.

Supported by many footballers

Without a doubt, this statement about his true sexual orientation has been supported and applauded by many footballers and organizations, including the Spanish Gerard Piqué, who has not hesitated to support him and congratulate him for such a brave action that many other players have not. They dare.

"I do not know you personally, but I want to publicly thank you for this step you have wanted to take. The world of football is far behind with this issue, but with this you have helped to take a step forward." The Barcelona captain expressed.

Other players who have shown his support have been the French Antoine Griezmann, who has recognized and valued Cavallo's gesture. Who has just become the first professional soccer player to declare himself homosexual, and who seeks with this to break a barrier that seemed impossible in this sport?