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6 futuristic gadgets from Amazon for a smart home at low cost prices

Saharay Perez Bautista
6 min read
6 futuristic gadgets from Amazon for a smart home at low cost prices
6 futuristic gadgets from Amazon for a smart home at low cost prices

For economy, the types of products that are currently most sought after are those that are classified as "low cost". This term refers to a business model based on reducing the costs of items that are basic and functional, but without extras and of the same quality as the equivalent traditional product.

That is why the e-commerce giant Amazon announced an event in which it presented its gadgets or small devices with an ingenious design. Being, mainly, a collection of devices to turn your home into a smarter home and at a highly competent price. Emphasizing that it includes a robot and a device with tactile projection.

What are the futuristic gadgets at low cost prices that Amazon will sell to transform your home?

Next, we present the 6 futuristic gadgets from Amazon and their main characteristics so that you are encouraged to try them without having to spend a lot of money:

1) Amazon Glow

6 futuristic gadgets from Amazon for a smart home at low cost prices
Amazon glow

It is an interactive device that mixes the best of interactive whiteboards with video calls. In this way, a device arises that allows educational activities to be carried out at a distance with greater ease and interactivity for the little ones in the house.

Thus, it consists of a device with the ability to broadcast all kinds of educational content on the surface that is supported, thanks to a projector. The best thing is that both the projected surface and the projector are sensitive to the touch and this increases their effectiveness.

In addition to that, the package includes a case, a mat and a year available from Amazon Kids. It should be noted that it will have a price of $299 and a 2-year warranty (covers all kinds of breakages).

2) Astro

6 futuristic gadgets from Amazon for a smart home at low cost prices
Amazon Astro

In the best "Wall-E" style, Astro is born, which is a small robot on wheels that aims to follow the behavior of its users and at the same time, presents notifications and even helps you to get in touch with your family and friends.

To be able to carry out this work with total efficiency, the robot has a periscope camera and a tablet, so that, in addition to monitoring the area, it also collects information autonomously and intelligently. Emphasizing that, it is also capable of caring for the elderly and transporting objects weighing up to 2 kg on its back.

Indeed, Astro is a robot that acts as a watchman, a robotic assistant, an information collector, and even a transporter. For its correct operation, it is necessary that all members of the household register their voice and face or else, they will not be able to recognize them or detect the real strangers in the house. Its cost is $1,449.

3) Ring Always Home Cam

6 futuristic gadgets from Amazon for a smart home at low cost prices
Surveillance camera in drone format for sale on Amazon

It refers to an intelligent surveillance camera in drone format. Which has a T-shape (with the camera in the lower pole) and is attached to a structure made with four propellers that is located in the upper part. Thanks to this design, it guarantees great flight stability and can be hidden more easily while in its cubic dock.

Indeed, the "Ring Always Home Cam" has the ability to make a certain path inside the house while you are not there, in order to monitor everything that happens. For this reason, this smart device works like a watchdog and for an affordable price of $250.

One of its greatest advantages is that it has the ability to detect what happens after a certain stimulus, as long as the sensors located on Windows and doors are activated. However, it cannot go up or down stairs, but with a Wi-Fi connection it offers high quality images (1440p).

4) Echo Show 15

6 futuristic gadgets from Amazon for a smart home at low cost prices
Echo Show 15

With a launch price of 245 euros, another of the products to build a connected home is the loudspeaker known as "Echo Show 15" that incorporates a new function called "Visual ID" that allows Alexa to recognize the data that is displayed on the screen and can even detect the presence of a human by walking in front of the device.

One of its best features is that it exhibits a 15.6-inch panel and this is an unsurpassed quality. As if that were not enough, it boasts a resolution of 1080p Full HD and thus, it is designed to display content from streaming platforms as sufficiently as possible.

Added to this, it allows you to make video calls using its 5 megapixel camera, listen to music, access information from different media and even works as a digital home control center. It should be noted that it has controls to block the microphones and physical controls to conceal the camera.

5) Blink Video Doorbell

6 futuristic gadgets from Amazon for a smart home at low cost prices
Blink Video Doorbell Amazon

For an approximate cost of $65, you can bring the power of Blink cameras to your front door with "Blink Video Doorbell". Which is an intelligent doorbell that allows you to receive notifications when someone knocks on your door and, if that were not enough, communicate with those people through audio.

Among the most interesting features of this device, we find that it can be installed with cables or without cables (depending on how the user prefers), has long-lasting autonomy, provides bidirectional audio, sends ringtone notifications to an app directly and guarantees video quality HD day and night.

Therefore, whenever there is any movement outside, this smart doorbell is capable of detecting it and also allows you to see via streaming everything that it captures by image. Keep in mind that, you can configure it to your liking, it works with Alexa and increases the security in your home.

6) Amazon Smart Thermostat

6 futuristic gadgets from Amazon for a smart home at low cost prices
Amazon's smart thermostat

To support a warm home environment, Amazon has also decided to launch a smart thermostat that, with Energy Star certification, focuses on keeping the home acclimatized and energetically efficient. Additionally, it works seamlessly with Alexa to optimize the user experience.

That is why the device can be easily controlled using a device with Alexa and there is even the possibility of adjusting the programming manually ; depending on how each person prefers. Like most HVAC systems, it too operates reliably and efficiently.

Another interesting point to highlight about the Amazon thermostat is that it is suitable for any pocket, thanks to the fact that its price does not exceed 60 dollars and thus, it becomes a very affordable gadget. With this, it will be much simpler to configure your routines (such as, for example, turning off the heating at a certain time of the night and activating it in the morning at a specific time).

If you want to transform your house into a smart home and feel more enjoyable, you can take advantage of Amazon's "low cost" proposals that we show you throughout the post. With this, your homework will be much easier, practical and charming.