Amazon veto 600 Chinese brands of your platform

Andy Vilchez
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Amazon veto 600 Chinese brands of your platform – Technology – WebMediums

Amazon is putting a hard hand inside his platform, this in order to keep buyers completely safe. And that has been aware of 600 Chinese brands that have been vetoed from the Amazon Marketplace. What is the reason for this decision? Stay with us that we will tell you all about this topic.

Why Amazon has expelled 600 Chinese brands from his platform?

Amazon is clearly the largest and most important marketplace from around the world. All brands know it, so they want their products not only to be on Amazon, but become popular. A brand that you achieve positioning and making a product popular, will have great insured profitability.

That is why, having hundreds of thousands of sellers, there is a great competition. And this is something that makes it not easy to emphasize, so sellers try whatever it is to reach the top. However, something that Amazon is not willing to allow is that companies make trap in their backyard.

These 600 Chinese brands were expelled from the platform for dirty playing. It was found that bribed customers to leave a positive product review. But not only these 600 brands were expelled, but more than 3000 sellers were also vetoed for making different types of fraud.

The massive expulsion was disclosed by various means around the world. And this represents the biggest veto that the company has done so far.

Constant violations of policies

As has been known, all brands and sellers who were expelled from Amazon have constantly incurred in practices that go against the policies of the company.

It should be noted that companies that have been banned know perfectly that they do so, so they can not appeal that decision and expulsion is permanent.

What has the fraud of these brands consisted of?

As we have mentioned, the fraud carried out by these brands was based on buying good buyers' reviews. This usually did send gift cards to buyers who had acquired the product. This in order to encourage the one that will leave a positive review.

This is obviously a practice that is totally prohibited by Amazon, for which reason it motivated massive expulsion. The goal of this is that other brands that make it reclen and stop doing so.

As for the expulsions of sellers, they used different techniques, not just to get review, but to get sales. One of the most common practices was to lie with false information in the descriptions of the products.

This false information encouraged the buyers to make the purchase, and then they took a surprise. Additionally, these offered free products to buyers in exchange for a positive review. The procedure was to make the purchase and then make a refund and that the buyer remained with the product.