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And hit the ads.

José Miguel Fernández Nápoles
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And hit the ads. – Technology – WebMediums
God save me from the advertisements, I get rid of the rest.

Hey, advertising is fine, because a saying in Cuba used to say that merchandise that is not advertised, is not sold.

Personally, I also announce because since I live in Spain, I found that way of being useful called BEING A SELLER And I have taken it, as I take almost everything: tremendously!

You might see on my Face page, many times, surely more than you would like, Herbalife ads, and, you know what? I DO IT FOR ME AND FOR EVERYONE.

And hit the ads. – Technology – WebMediums
If there are no sellers, there are no businesses.

I have been using these food supplements for more than 10 years and I do well with them, I also know people who use them and I have seen very satisfactory results, it is also a way to obtain income in very tight moments, like these.

But, hey: that of the famous cookies (kukis in English) has no name !!

You are watching a video with relaxing music and images of nature, and suddenly you are interrupted and...

I don't have fucking prostate problems !! Thanks god.

So I am curious to know what magic algorithms have led YouTube to think that it should torture me with that ad every five minutes.

"They are looking for people to do a free hearing test" And hit it!

Look at you gentlemen of YouTube: I listen perfectly !!

Well: it seems that they are carried away by appearances, that they put all of us over 65 in the same bag.

Well, it's going to be not.

I would recommend to the computer scientists of YouTube, Facebook and all social networks that they look a little more, that they take into account other kukis.

For example: a man who is over 65 and has looked at information on the internet about how much a hearing aid costs: Bingo!

Put an ad in front of that guy's nose every five minutes, because maybe he'll take the bait.

And hit the ads. – Technology – WebMediums
“Compulsion is a repetitive, excessive activity and a mental exercise it makes sense that a person performs in an attempt to avoid distress or worry. It is about a behavior intended to reduce or psychic discomfort due to factors such as, for example, depression or anxiety. "By Danilo Alvesd on Unsplash

I don't know: he's been snooping about home remedies for prostate: Go for him !! But leave me alone, damn it, I've never been interested in that in my life, because I urinate wonderfully.

The last straw is when one is looking at something about meditation and the advantages it has to achieve calm, and suddenly a window opens with an offer that expires today! How to lengthen the penis.

Will it be possible? There if they leave me a foot, because the question immediately arises:

Have they seen me?

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