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Asus presents an OLED screen laptop designed for work

Alvaro Salazar
4 min read

Asus' new notebook continues in the footsteps of the Microsoft Surface, carrying out its advancements and hobbies for OLED displays.

Asus presents an OLED screen laptop designed for work – Technology
Asus Vivobook 13 Slate OLED

Asus presents it as an exceptionally adaptable gadget, which is suitable to satisfy various capacities depending on our circumstances to be sure of what we can do at any time with our device, regardless of whether we are working or our time of relaxation.

An amazing device with the best screen

From the start, it looks like a VivoBook like any other: despite everything, this very year it has totally reset the range, including new Pro models for content creators like the VivoBook Pro 14.

Like these models, the VivoBook 13 Slate is distinguished by having an OLED screen ; Asus has become one of the main brands to really bet on this innovation, which allows acquiring images with the most suitable differentiation and an extraordinary richness of tones.

For this situation, the board is 13.3 inches, secured with Gorilla Glass and with a cover to keep fingerprints away, since the idea is that we can use the screen independently using the touch mode of Windows 11, both in ascending direction as in plane.

It has a unique functionality

So this gadget can effortlessly become a convenient TV for watching movies on the go, due to on-screen Dolby Vision support, covering 100% of the DCI-P3 shadow gamut, and four speakers compatible with Dolby Atmos that offer surround sound with a built-in intensifier.

Add to that the normal benefits of OLED plates, including absolute blacks.

Asus presents an OLED screen laptop designed for work – Technology
Asus Vivobook 13 Slate OLED

Just because the whole team is at the presentation doesn't mean the battery is terrible; Asus has included one with a 50 Wh limit, which it assumes will be enough for up to 9 hours of use; In addition, it has a fast charge of 65 W, capable of reaching up to 60% of the battery in just 39 minutes.

It can also be charged through USB-C from external batteries such as cell phones.

Obviously, the fascinating thing about a gadget like this is that we can transform it into a PC, essentially uniting the included console with the attractive base association. The console has a slimmer plan and opens up to 170 degrees.

An admirable touch panel

The touch panel is up to half the size of other models. To further develop the composing experience, the key travel has been extended to about 1.4 mm, despite the console being only 5 mm thick.

Asus presents an OLED screen laptop designed for work – Technology
Asus Vivobook 13 Slate OLED

The processor in the new VivoBook is a 3.3Ghz quadcore Intel Core, and it maintains the latest elements of Windows 11, for example running Android applications, which will work admirably on the touchscreen.

It is a gadget designed for teleworking, with a double camera frame: 5 MP front and 13 MP rear. In addition, it features the AI shock abrogation innovations that Asus has carried out on different PCs, eliminating unwanted sounds in our video calls.

The Asus Pen 2.0 is another pointer with new provisions to exploit the touch screen; It has 4096 levels of tension, and we can change the tips to achieve various sensations; for example, to make it look like we are drawing on paper.

It is charged through USB-C, in just 30 minutes we will get 140 hours of use. An extra capacity is in the upper button, which we can press to take a screenshot and start drawing immediately.

For the safety of the gadget, a fingerprint peripheral is remembered for the force button, to quickly open the frame. We also have Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetoth for the pointer.

The Asus Vivobook 13 Slate OLED is accessible from 649 euros / $, for the form with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, with console and pointer included. They will be accessible throughout the month of November.