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Best apps to edit videos from Android

Irene de Espinoza
6 min read

The 7 best options to edit videos from your mobile.

Best apps to edit videos from Android – Technology – WebMediums
The best videos for your networks

It's amazing how much time people spend watching videos on social media. Surely you have taken part of your day or your time to watch comedy videos, news, entertainment, or even creative content on basic solutions to problems at home.

If you want to start creating your own audiovisual content, don't miss the best applications to edit videos from your mobile.

Walking and doing daily routines, preparing a delicious recipe, showing an important story in your life, presenting a product or service, there are many ways in which we can take advantage of a good video application. It can be one of the best strategies in social networks to expand and consolidate your audience.

Understanding the scope of the videos on social networks leads us to understand a new trading or positioning system. If you have a business, lifestyle, on social media just to watch videos.

Best apps to edit videos from Android – Technology – WebMediums
Free and complete app for editing

FilmoraGO: one of the most outstanding video editing apps

If you still do not know it, this is the moment. It is about having one of the best video editing programs, but this time from your Android. You will have no problem adding filters, layers, the best transitions, and of course custom titles.

Filmora leaves at your disposal a very simple to use program, you don't need to be a professional. In addition to them, it assures you of quality content. Creative tools for you to tell the best story.

Best apps to edit videos from Android – Technology – WebMediums
Unrivaled effects

Premiere rush

If you are really passionate about creating audiovisual content, then you have to know Premiere. One of the most professional and outstanding programs for work in production and editing. We have the opportunity to have a practical and complete application to work with the edition from Android.

No matter where you are, the application presents you with everything you need to work with videos of the highest quality. A very intuitive App to use, featured videos for social networks made in the shortest possible time.

Best apps to edit videos from Android – Technology – WebMediums
Fewer Ads, More Editing

With Premiere Adobe Rush you will be able to: customize your titles, color your videos, add audios, adjust the speed of the videos and of course share from anywhere. You will have at your disposal a panel of unique effects that will improve the quality of the videos in many aspects.

VivaVideo: popularity in good edition

This is one of the Apps to edit videos preferred by users, it can be about combining easy use and quality finishes. To share instantly, combine videos and photos, add audios and share on social networks.

VivaVideo allows you to cut and paste, add filters, add audio, you will be surprised by the final finishes that will give the best style to your videos.

Best apps to edit videos from Android – Technology – WebMediums
The best trends in editing

The application allows you to capture recordings directly from it or work with material collected from the gallery. A fairly simple menu to use and a very complete application to start working.

InShot: excellence in editing App

It is a highly sought after and downloaded App, this is due to the practical use of its tools and quality of finished videos. In addition to this, the versatility of work that it offers to its users. If you want to create daily content, for the moment or with prior planning, all from your mobile, without a doubt this is an excellent option.

Professional quality, what does InShot offer you? Add music to your videos, trim them, add custom titles, transitions, audio extraction and benchmarking. Without a doubt everything you need to present yourself on social networks with the best videos.

Best apps to edit videos from Android – Technology – WebMediums
Videos, Photos and Music for your videos

Film Marker Pro

For those movie buffs, whose passion can be shown through short audiovisuals. If you love this medium, this application is perfect for you. Enough of a good creative idea and get to work. Little shorts or miniseries you can edit with this amazing app.

Very simple to use, and its quality is truly amazing. Designed for everyone, create your own brand or support it with the best video productions. Complete tools for all editing projects.

A video editor with intro templates, video filters and transitions, 100 featured in-app effects, 100 free songs to add to your videos, ability to combine and share your best footage.

Best apps to edit videos from Android – Technology – WebMediums
Record, edit and share from wherever you want

VideoShow: memes, videos and animated filters on your Android

An option that is characterized by being all in one. A very dynamic and easy-to-use video editor for Android. It incorporates recordings, images, texts, Stickers, music, special effects for texts and transitions, sound effects and much more.

For all kinds of occasions, this video editor works perfect at all times. Position your fan page, highlight your Instagram or TikTok videos, get more visits on your blog, all you need is to download and start using.

Best apps to edit videos from Android – Technology – WebMediums
Everything you need in one App

EasyCut: the best HD editing

Although we must begin that it works for some devices, nothing like having an application that allows you to have the best short projects in HD. A marvel for true amateurs.

EasyCut brings you the best in editing from your mobile. You can edit, cut, merge several videos, place music, filters, transitions and many more tools. All modern and updated to provide the best of you on social networks.

Best apps to edit videos from Android – Technology – WebMediums
Position your brand with videos

Importance of videos for managing your social networks

Let's start with the extraordinary interaction that exists between users with videos, either through Instagram, Facebook or TikTok. The power of getting "Likes" and after that, loyalty of followers. Good videos hook and go viral.

The ideal is always to create content that creates the concern in the user to share it, these ideas are acceptable and in addition to them, they are internalized in people. You can see the results of it when they comment or share. Only with that are you managing to fully get their attention.

Best apps to edit videos from Android – Technology – WebMediums
Creativity from your mobile

Content is always renewed

If you are looking to create an image on the networks of yourself, your services, your brand or even an institution, you are looking for dynamic options. In other words, it always works with content that is renewed, surprising and engaging. Many influencers are dedicated to them, so much so that users wait on a daily, inter-daily or weekly basis for the production of their new content. You can see with it a loyal audience.

Join the trends

You can take advantage of new trends and be part of them under your own image and projects, trending audios, trending videos, and many more. Remember the use of Hashtags, viral audios and effects that cannot be missed.