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Charging your mobile with your clothes: A reality in 2023

Saharay Perez Bautista
3 min read
Charging your mobile with your clothes: A reality in 2023 – Technology
Soon it will be possible to charge the mobile with clothes

It's not a secret to anyone that technology has influenced all aspects of human life. Therefore, it is increasingly necessary to carry more than one electronic gadget with us in order to ensure a higher quality of life. Be it wireless headphones, activity wristbands and of course, smartphones.

However, when mobile devices run out of battery, the simplicity of life loses its effectiveness (if you don't have a power bank on hand). So within the next few years, it is estimated that technology will build new devices with which it is possible to charge a smartphone anywhere and without any complications.

Indeed, so far, it is not enough to have a power bank nearby to avoid running out of battery or disconnected from the virtual world. So, according to experts, sooner than possible your clothes will have the capacity to charge the battery of your mobile devices and thus, this problem would be in the past.

This will be possible thanks to a type of textile fiber

After an exhaustive exploration by researchers from Fundan University located on the central coast of China, specifically in Shanghai ; They managed to develop a type of fiber that offers the ability to store enough electricity in clothing to charge personal devices and even wearable technology medical devices.

Thanks to this, the mass production of fiber batteries will be a reality, according to an essay published in the renowned journal Nature. Such batteries basically contain around 85.69 watt hours of electricity per kilogram.

For its part, like an iPhone 12 Pro Max it has a 14 watt / hour battery; this creation is more than enough to charge a phone wirelessly. Which will be very simple, because just by wearing a shirt made with batteries of this fiber, you can do it anywhere.

However, it must be taken into account that the energy density of fiber (it measures the amount of energy it contains in proportion to its weight) is still below that of conventional batteries. But, in the same way, it is enough to charge these devices.

The textile piece will also be resistant

Charging your mobile with your clothes: A reality in 2023 – Technology
Charge mobiles with clothes

Although it is a battery, the truth is that its material allows it to be wet when washed with water, folded and even pierced with a knife ; thanks to the fact that it is highly resistant. This being one of the greatest concerns of users to obtain quality through the product.

It should be noted that this has been guaranteed from an experiment that was also carried out within the investigation. This experiment made it possible to establish that the textile piece of the test continued to load with complete normality on an iPad, while a car traveled over the fabric.

All this is a great advance for people. Since so far, most wearable technology devices run on conventional lithium batteries. Reason why, they are not foldable or waterproof and this leads to having to continue using it with a cable connected to the device.

But, despite the fact that researchers have asserted that by the year 2023 this technology could be available in many parts of the world, the reality is that this depends on having enough funding to use that material. Therefore, it is estimated that between two years or five years (at most) it will reach your hands to simplify your day to day.