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Do you need an app to manage time? These are the best

Guzmán Leal
6 min read
Do you need an app to manage time? These are the best – Technology
Efficiency is only achieved through organization.

For some people, the simple task of organizing their day can become a headache. On many occasions, it is due to the large number of tasks and pending tasks that they have to carry out that clouds their minds.

Luckily, thanks to technology, we can count on applications that are in charge of organizing our entire day. Once launched, they turn out to be very useful by dividing, for the most part, our days into different sections.

In this way, what is sought is total efficiency when carrying out any type of activity.

What are the best apps to organize the time I need?

Since each of us spends a greater part of our day glued to our mobile devices, it will be much easier to organize ourselves.

This is thanks to the infinite number of applications, programs or software that aim to help us manage our day to day.

Such is the case of the applications that we will show you below, which are characterized by their ease when establishing any task.

Microsoft To Do

Developed by a large company, Microsoft To Do is one of the best applications that exist in the app store to organize our day.

It is available for both iOS and Android, so its installation is more than simple.

And if having it on your Smartphone is not enough for you, a supported version for Windows and Mac is also available.

Its great advantage is the intuitiveness of the design that allows the user to easily recognize the areas of interest. In this way, they will be able to organize their workday as well as include projects with great ease.

Do you need an app to manage time? These are the best – Technology
Microsoft To Do is positioned as a great option for time management.

One of its features is that it has My day section, where you can write down any pending tasks. You also have the ability to schedule other activities that go hand in hand with reminders and due dates.

The marked tasks, in turn, can be divided into sub-tasks, with the possibility of adding small texts or files, such as images. Everything, with the aim of making it much more representative.


One of the best time management apps out there is Evernote. This is especially due to the infinity of options it offers users when it comes to reminders.

In this sense, all kinds of files can be included, ranging from images to audio. Likewise, they can be stored in the form of reminders, notices, notes or even in the form of confirmation lists.

Also, it is worth adding the function that it has for those people who are still lovers of pencil and paper. Indeed, you have the option that you can photograph your writings to later be stored within the platform.

Do you need an app to manage time? These are the best – Technology
Evernote is available on different platforms.

Thus, in this way, you can access your notes at any time through your mobile device without having to search for your notebooks.


Among those acclaimed by the community, we have Todoist, which was downloaded by more than 20 million people worldwide. It is just a sample of the facilities that they offer to their users in the ways of organizing themselves.

One of its advantages is its great versatility, given that it has a free application for iOS and Android, but it also has a web platform. Likewise, it is within the list of extensions that exist for Google Chrome, and even adaptations for wearables.

In essence, it is a task organizer, within which activities or projects can be assigned with great ease. These elements, in turn, can be distributed depending on the objectives, being assigned by means of lists or panels.

Do you need an app to manage time? These are the best – Technology
Todoist is used by more than 20 million people in the world.

But, the difference is that it has artificial intelligence, so as you use it, the application constantly learns from you. In this way, it will be able to adapt much better to your schedules and the activities that you normally carry out.


Par excellence, Trello is a very useful time management app, since it can be used in work teams. Indeed, it is their main objective.

However, it can also be used at an individual level in order to manage the activities that we carry out during our day to day.

The format they use is through panels, or also known as boards, within which to-do lists can be included. Likewise, expiration dates or delivery terms can be included to give a greater value to time.

Within the cards themselves, any type of attachment can be added. On the other hand, there are labels in order to establish the level of importance of the activities to be carried out.

Do you need an app to manage time? These are the best – Technology
Trello allows teamwork.

The great efficiency that Trello has is that its organization methodology is through Kanban techniques. In other words, the priority is to avoid wasting time and the accumulation of pending tasks or activities, in order to maximize efficiency.


One of the best applications to organize the day is TickTick, especially due to its ability to integrate with other platforms or services.

It is available for both iOS and Android, also including a Windows, Mac and browser-enabled version.

The personalization of the activities begins when you create your profile, since it asks you for the type of tasks you want to carry out. That is, if you will use the application for work days, study, personal work, to-do list, fitness, among others.

At the time of creating the tasks, the user will even have a voice assistant for greater ease. Within them, expiration dates, checklists as well as establishing priority among activities may be included.

Do you need an app to manage time? These are the best – Technology
TickTick even offers charts which are very useful.

The most important thing is its integration with other services, among which the artificial intelligence of Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Zapier and Spark stand out. In turn, it syncs with your calendar to remind you of important dates, and even import items from Todoist and your device.