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The fantastic Chevrolet Silverado EV is presented to the public

Ramiro Guzman
6 min read
The fantastic Chevrolet Silverado EV is presented to the public
It is the latest in electric pickup

The Silverado EV has officially debuted under the banner of being 100 percent electric. It is a new pickup model from the prestigious and famous automotive brand General Motors.

It is called to be the first electric truck to completely revolutionize the market. With features such as more than 600 km of autonomy, excellent space and ergonomics, it will mark a whole era.

What has been revealed so far

General Motors and its automotive division, Chevrolet, are progressively joining the electrical market. The success of Tesla cars has rekindled competition and set in motion a dynamic of self-improvement among various companies.

In that sense, the all-new Silverado EV is the car giant's latest prospect. With plans to be launched for sale by the end of 2023, it is the most innovative project to date.

It follows the trend of another pickup from the same brand, the GMC Hummer EV with equally striking qualities. And as far as the general scope is concerned, it is another title that joins the premieres of the Rivian R1T, Ford F-150 Lightning and the Tesla Cybertruck.

Two versions of the Silverado EV will be available

It has been verified that General Motors has planned the launch of two models of the Silverado EV. Thus, two different approaches can be offered to choose from for the public depending on what they need.

The first issue is given the aggregate name RST First Edition. In contrast, the second model has been designated simply as WT (Work Truck) due to its wide load function for heavy work.

The fantastic Chevrolet Silverado EV is presented to the public
The Work Truck model will be ideal for heavy work

The RST First Edition will be the most conventional and, structurally, more rooted in everyday life. Therefore, it is the one that will be used as a reference for detailing.

How has its appearance been described?

When it comes to Chevrolet, it hasn't innovated much in its traditional design. The Silverado EV isn't too different from its predecessor models, but it does pack a sought -after feature: more space.

Additionally, the front end of the truck has improved aerodynamics. Its curved and adjusted model allows the wind currents to move towards the sides of the vehicle. Thus, turbulence and steering wheel drift is greatly reduced.

The barbecue is another area that stands out, since it is completely closed and resistant. It isolates the elements that are immersed in it and protects them with plausible security.

But, unlike past versions, the front axle and its cargo cabin reach a length of 1.80 meters. In it lies an old acquaintance: the Multi-Flex door that, when removed, increases the figure mentioned above to more than 2 meters.

What awaits in the main cabin, at the forefront of modernity

The interior of the main cabin is ahead of the time, highlighting its great technological prowess. For its description, it is necessary to take into account point by point:

1. Touchscreen: Silverado EV is equipped with a dash adorned by a 17-inch touchscreen. In it, all the intrinsic functions of the pickup are executed and coordinated, as well as the various entertainment platforms (radio, video, calls, among others).

The fantastic Chevrolet Silverado EV is presented to the public
The interior of the Silverado EV is one of the most aesthetic that has been seen

2. Steering device: both the steering wheel and the gear lever are housed in the same perimeter or steering column. For its part, instrumentation continues the path of the digitization era, offering a much more precise and detailed view.

3. Leather in their seats: the material leather firms elegance and power. In the case of the rear seats, the heating is a dynamic to highlight. And, in general, they are comfortable and spacious to satisfy the ergonomics of people over 6 feet tall.

4. Central module: the cabin, in its core area, has a capacity of up to 32 liters. The developers have claimed that it will be able to transport, without inconvenience, household appliances such as a refrigerator. Or, failing that, artifacts that look like it.

Good perspective on its autonomy and charge

The success of electric vehicles, regardless of their type, is their charging capacity, battery and autonomy. Advantageously, the Silverado EV has all these factors up its sleeve.

It has been found that its autonomy exceeds 600 km of functionality. Specifically, the customary range for any truck owner will range from 640 to 670 kilometers.

As if that were not enough, it is backed by a battery with a linked fast charging mechanism. In less than 10 minutes and a constant flow of energy, it will be enough for the truck to support 160 km of autonomy.

And while preliminary details are scant, it will offer an alternative route in two-way freight. That is, it will serve as a distributor for other vehicles whose cargo is depleted first hand.

The steering axle, traction and air suspension are monstrous

As part of its motor mechanism, it enjoys a steering axle with extraordinary coordination. It will advocate for better handling behind the wheel and improved rear wheel motion. Coupled with its aerodynamic mechanism, roll and turbulence will have no place.

Of course, it is a beneficial phenomenon that will also reduce the danger of sharp turns. When executing any change of direction, the wheels will easily adapt to the demands of the truck's weight without affecting the steering wheel.

The fantastic Chevrolet Silverado EV is presented to the public
Traction, steering and suspension excellently distribute the weight of the truck

Another point to be discussed is the air suspension that is expected to raise or lower the cab by up to 5 cm. They are small details that make a difference for people with a functional disability.

The sum of its two electric motors with 1,056 torque plus its 673 horsepower should be noted. Data that are supported by the mechanics of its traction system that allows acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 5 seconds.

In expectation of its initial value: How much will it cost?

It is seen that the initial value of the RST First Edition model is around 80 to 100 thousand dollars. The first impressions have left positive feelings, so it will be a fact to start seeing its commercialization by 2023.

Meanwhile, Chevrolet and General Motors will wait to see the results until then. Which means that the mass production of its electric models will not start to date.

Even so, it has been possible to leak that, possibly, the famous automotive brand contemplates the development of new electric vehicles. Although they are hypotheses that haunt the Internet, it was established that the initial values will range from 35 thousand to 80 thousand dollars.