Facebook explains about mental health problems in adolescents who are causing Instagram

Grecia De Flores
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Thanks to an investigation of the Wall Street Journal, various files have been revealed, which were secret until this moment by the company, in which it is recorded on the research carried out by a group of experts on the Instagram effects in the psyche of young people and how is it affecting them very seriously.

In March 2020, Facebook arranged to a series of investigations with which it was sought to analyze the different effects that this social network had on those users much younger. One of the most impressive conclusions has to do with 32% of adolescent girls, who claimed to feel bad with their bodies, as Instagram references over the bodies of women there, made them feel worse.

Facebook explains about mental health problems in adolescents who are causing Instagram

The company that is headed by Mark Zuckerberg, has carried out different investigations for about three years in which they evaluate the toxicity that Instagram has with respect to the bodies and self-esteem of other people. Until now, beyond the external studies that have been carried out, it was unknown that the company had knowledge of this percentage. However, some files and studies have been revealed by The Washington Journal, in which and thanks to their second installment of reports, they commented on the existence of "VIP" users who were immune to censorship, to which reference was made to the “stories”.

According to the means of communication that we have cited here, researchers belonging to this company have discovered Instagram, is a potentially detrimental means for a high percentage of adolescents, since this social network distorts its perception of what is the real bodies and Natural, envelope in the teens.

This type of distortion worsens the problems of body image that each individual has, which is why adolescents blame social networks, in this Instagram case on the increase in the rate of anxiety and depression that many have expressed feeling. According to these same data, adolescents express having suicide thoughts, to which 13% of users attribute this situation to Instagram.

Adolescents are the main consumers of Instagram

Likewise, the medium Wall Street Journal, highlights the fact that the income they have Instagram, to a large extent depends on young people, since according to current statistics of the year 2020 more than 40% of users who They use social networks, in particular Instagram possess between 22 years. Likewise, there is only 22 million teenagers, enters their Instagram feed at least one 7 times a day alone in countries like the United States. This figure represents more than five times, what is entered to Facebook.

With these data that were exposed to the public, it has always been important to the negative effects that mobile applications can have in minors, which is why many companies do not want to take birth to public, for fear of negative repercussions Regarding your visibility within community.

Based on this, in the month of May Adam Mosseri, one of Instagram managers became assuring different national media about the effects of application within the social and mental well-being of adolescents, which he considered ERA "enough Small" Similarly, Mark Zuckerberg who is CEO of the company, was even further as before Congress, they made several questions about the consequences of social networks, more specifically those of them owned , about the mental health of young people.

Which I affirm that the investigations they have made expose much more the benefits for mental health than only negative data around it. However Mosseri has recently admitted that Facebook took a little time to realize about the disadvantages to which people were exposed once it was connected to said social network.