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Ferrari and Qualcomm will jointly seek to make smarter cars

Guzmán Leal
5 min read
Ferrari and Qualcomm will jointly seek to make smarter cars – Technology
It is a strategic association with benefits for both.

It is increasingly common to see how two large companies are associated in order to obtain better results in their products. Such is the case of Ferrari and Qualcomm, which announced their partnership to develop smarter cars.

In this case, for Ferrari it is an opportunity to renew itself, and Qualcomm is the ideal ally to be able to make each of its projects a reality.

Ferrari and Qualcomm, union for the automotive future

Recently, the Italian brand announced its alliance with the leading company in the manufacture of processors. Although it may seem like a surprise, it makes a lot of sense considering today's technological landscape.

And it is that, over time, cars are acquiring elements related to artificial intelligence in any of its components.

Even what seemed far from reality, like self-driving cars, seems to be getting closer. All thanks to technology.

Returning to the subject, Ferrari would seek in this alliance, give a totally new face to its sports cars, incorporating what Qualcomm knows best. That is, high-end processors.

What would Ferrari bring us in the future?

Hand in hand with this alliance, it would mean having a wide range of possibilities in terms of technology.

What it would allow, basically, is for Qualcomm processors to become part of the technological ecosystem of Ferrari cars. In that way, it would boost the artificial intelligence characteristics of them much more.

Ferrari and Qualcomm will jointly seek to make smarter cars – Technology
Ferrari smart cars would be the future.

In this regard, Qualcomm commented that they would seek to "design, develop and integrate digital cockpits." In this way, they would adapt to what technology demands for the digital age in which we live.

In this sense, in the case of Ferrari, one of the leading car manufacturing companies and brands, adapting to the changing market is key. In fact, for some time they have been looking for an ally in terms of technology, and who better than Qualcomm.

Qualcomm Snapdragon Digital Chassis Suite

One of the aspects that Ferrari will have for the future is the Qualcomm Snapdragon Digital Chassis suite.

It is a digital network that has the ability to intelligently search for the best solutions for any vehicle. The most important thing is that this would not be the only one to join the Ferrari habitat.

Snapdragon Ride

As we briefly mentioned, one of the technologies that the big car companies want to achieve is autopilot. What in movies seemed to be pure science fiction, today is not so far from reality.

In this sense, Qualcomm's Snapdragon Ride section offers autonomy solutions for the cars themselves.

In other words, it is in charge of developing the bases of assisted and computerized driving technology.

It means that, in the future, we could witness Ferrari cars that have the artificial intelligence necessary to drive automatically.

Snapdragon Cockpit

A sample of the potential of the Ferrari and Qualcomm alliance is seen with just the Snapdragon Cockpit.

In essence, it would be the software in charge of improving the driving experience that the user has in future Ferrari smart cars. Everything, through the optimization of the existing hardware in the car.

Therefore, it would also represent an aid so that driving, in any area, is as safe as possible. How? Providing users with the best possible interactive and dynamic tools.

Snapdragon Auto Connectivity

So much progress has been seen in smart cars that we have reached the point where they have mobile data technology.

From the Snapdragon Auto Connectivity, they will be able to integrate LTE technology, 5G as well as a Wi-Fi system in the car.

The benefits for Qualcomm of such an alliance

Beyond the union of the manufacturer of processors with the Italian car brand, its passage through the automotive world is not something new.

In other words, Qualcomm has already taken its first steps in manufacturing elements that allow today's cars to be “intelligent”.

Ferrari and Qualcomm will jointly seek to make smarter cars – Technology
Qualcomm is already part of some smart cars.

The clearest example is that of Qualcomm Halo, as it is a system used to charge electric cars wirelessly. So, they have some experience in the field.

However, the most important thing for the manufacturer of processors will be its presence as a sponsor of the Italian car brand. That is to say, we will be able to appreciate its logo within the variety of cars that Ferrari owns.

And what better way to start the union than by debuting in Formula 1. Specifically, it will be part of the design of the F1-75 model. The latter, which will be present at the next high-speed car racing world championship.

Ferrari joins a trend towards smarter cars

In its quest to adapt to technological trends, Ferrari is following in the footsteps of other major car brands to achieve its goals.

As was the case with Volvo, Honda, Renault and General Motors, alliances with Qualcomm that were announced during CES 2022.

Therefore, it will be one more in the list of large companies that trust in the technological section, in terms of processors, which Qualcomm has. Everything, with the aim that they can continue offering quality products, adapted to the new digital age.

Ultimately, there is no doubt that this is a win-win for Ferrari and Qualcomm. From here we will be waiting for the news since the first steps that Ferrari will take are not yet known in detail.