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New products to consider thanks to CES 2022

Guzmán Leal
6 min read
New products to consider thanks to CES 2022 – Technology – WebMediums
CES 2022 was held in Las Vegas.

Last Wednesday we had the start of CES 2022, which is known as the most important technology fair in the world.

Their meeting point was in Las Vegas, where both large companies and small businesses met. Even so, all presenting the same concept: innovation.

However, there are many products and new technologies that are presented during this event, but few that are of high importance. Within the next 24 months we will see the impact that these inventions will have on the market.

The tech industry is more alive than ever

Despite the pandemic, the technology industry continues to manage to launch new products that make a difference in people's daily lives.

One of the clearest examples is the arrival of the metaverse from the hand of Facebook, now known as Meta.

However, CES 2022 has left us with numerous gadgets, devices and applications that arouse the curiosity of more than one.

Just to mention, one of the most prominent we have the Covid-19 BinaxNOW home test. It was manufactured by Abbott laboratories that works in conjunction with the NAVICA application to quickly and efficiently detect the virus.

In addition to this quick test, the technology fair has been the opportunity for many innovators to make themselves known in the vast technological world. It is for this reason that here we bring you the most outstanding products that were presented.

FreeStyle Libre 3 to measure glucose

One of the benefits of technology is that the vast majority of its advancements are dedicated to improving people's health. Especially for those who suffer from a disease without a cure, for now.

Such is the case with the FreeStyle Libre 3, a device that aims to constantly measure glucose levels in the blood. Specifically, it is made for people suffering from diabetes.

A look at what the FreeStyle Libre 3 is.

More than a device, it is an implant that has the characteristic of having the narrowest dimensions of the market competition.

Likewise, through an application it is in charge of keeping track of blood sugar levels through an application.

Manufactured by Abbott, it is an implant that has a useful life of up to 14 days, although the company has plans to improve this time.

Petnow and its application to identify your dog

Artificial intelligence has been setting a trend in recent years, where it seems that in 2022 it will be its explosion.

On this occasion, the Korean company Petnow has developed an application that allows, through AI and the animal's nose, to be able to identify it.

Its operation is based on the fact that the nose of the dogs plays the role of the fingerprint of the human being. Therefore, it means that it is unique to each one.

Thanks to Petnow you will be able to identify your pet digitally.

This feature will allow the owner to memorize this information digitally to have a much more accurate recognition of their pet.

One of its advantages, in addition to the fact that we can search for our lost dog, is that it does not need any chip or invasive method on the animal.

However, it is still expected to be officially released to be available on mobile devices.

RainStick Shower arrives to save water

The main premise of the RainStick Shower is that it aims to make people aware of the importance of saving water. How do you do it? Due to its ability to reduce the consumption of the vital liquid while we shower up to 80%.

Save water thanks to the RainStick Shower.

Its operation is based on the use of ultraviolet light which is used to purify and reuse the water used during the bath.

On the other hand, the company highlights that each drop of water is reused up to six times before it is finally discarded. Likewise, they emphasize that at no time is it stored or used in different showers.

In terms of savings, RainStick would allow, within a period of five years, to reduce the expenses of the water bill between 500 and 700 dollars.

LG UltraFine Ergo Monitor

With the onset of the pandemic in 2020, one of the most popular practices has been teleworking.

Added to that was the acquisition of all the necessary technological equipment to have a home office.

Faced with this problem, the LG company has developed a monitor whose innovative feature is that it automatically adapts to the user's posture.

It is an ideal monitor for work at home.

Cradlewise and his smart crib

Technology is also seeking to improve people's sleep and sleep patterns. And as it could not be missing, they focus in the same way on babies, with a special focus on automation.

With the Cradlewise Smart Crib, babies from 0 to 2 years old will have uninterrupted sleep and a crib ready in case they wake up. How? Through different strategically located sensors that allow detecting the telltale movements that the infant will wake up.

It is the ideal crib for newborns.

Once movements are detected, the crib begins its "action phase" by beginning to rock, play music and even tuck the baby in. It also has artificial intelligence that allows it to know the different sleep patterns of the infant and adapt to its growth.

Alpha and the next level wireless headphones

A pair of headphones is all you need to enjoy a good music session. However, quality and its ability to cancel out superior sound play an important role.

That is why the company Cleer has developed Alpha wireless headphones that implement Dirac Virtuo technology with spatial audio.

They can also be used for up to 35 hours on a full charge and have a 5.1 Bluetooth connection.

New products to consider thanks to CES 2022 – Technology – WebMediums
Alpha Smart Wireless Hearing Aids, by Cleer.

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