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Is the leak of the Xiaomi 12 mini real?

Andy Vilchez
2 min read

Xiaomi is one of the most important mobile manufacturing companies in China. It has a wide variety of different models that it constantly updates.

Recently, an alleged leak of the Xiaomi 12 mini appeared which made fans of the brand excited. However... is it real?

Is the leak of the Xiaomi 12 mini real? – Technology – WebMediums
Xiaomi 12 Mini

A few days ago a leak related to the Xiaomi 12 mini was announced, in which a large amount of information related to this equipment could be seen.

This caused a stir in the fans of the brand, however, this leak was false and the mobile seen in the images is not Xiaomi 12 mini.

In these false leaks you could see the Xiaomi 12 mini features and which were quite interesting.

In the same way, they talked about the Xiaomi 12 mini price, unfortunately all this was false and the mobile that appeared in the images is the Vivo X50 5G. So, unfortunately, we will have to keep waiting to find out if Xiaomi will release this new equipment or not.

It is important to note that so far there is no official information from the company on this device. It is not even known if the launch of this model is in the plans.

But the one that is about to leave is the Xiaomi 12, the normal one. This new generation of these teams promises to bring a very good amount of news that will surely be of interest to you.

Can we see this team next to the Xiaomi 12?

So far, the development of this new version of the Chinese company is just a rumor.

Everything indicates that it is possible that it is a version that will come out soon, however, they are just rumors. Xiaomi has not confirmed or denied any of these rumors so far, so there is still hope.

However, we will have to wait until the launch of the Xiaomi 12, which by the way is expected to be before the end of 2021.

At this time it is likely that we can have some news about the Xiaomi 12 mini or wait for some leak that is real.

Surely you were also waiting for this leak to be real, after all, this would be a very good team. Especially if it had the supposed features that had been leaked.