Know the best methods to take care of your smartphone and lengthen your life

Grecia De Flores
4 min read

Currently, having a mobile device goes beyond a social status, or using the equipment that is fashionable.

The smartphones have come to make our lives easier, and it is a very useful tool.

20 years ago I thought it was impossible to access the Internet through the cell phone and do everything you do today with this device.

This is one of the innovations that modern society has had, since it has allowed shortening distances and having a faster, effective and immediate communication.

That is, our mobile is one of the largest channels of transmission of information and data, among Internet users and the world.

Know the best methods to take care of your smartphone and lengthen your life
Methods to take care of your smartphone

Take care of your mobile with these tips

Learn to use all its functions

Choosing a device for your brand or operating system is a matter of users' tastes, because each one has features that are adjusted according to the need and daily tasks, so if you work with your smartphone you must know your limits.

And is that these devices constantly receive updates with the aim of improving performance, their durability and make the user experience better and better.

Even if you have the most powerful mobile phone; If you do not care as you owe, you will be bending soon

In the end, these devices are tools that are designed to be used frequently, should have regular maintenance and revision.

So before acquiring a mobile device, you must think so that you are going to use it and what your needs are as a user.

Do an investigation before buying

Do a previous investigation Before buying a new device, you can save you bad moments and save you of equipment that “burst in your hands” For the current smart cell phones market is oversaturated.

The new brands are everywhere and if before the battle was by the space of the device, then its aspects and features, now is it redeeming from the battery and the cameras powerful what it leaves amazed to whoever has One in his hands.

Protect him with accessories

While some users may seem uncomfortable or make their cell phone look “Larger” of what is already, have an anti-blow protector for the screen.

Being this carelessness where the protectors are tested and as not, the reliable of the device, so we recommend using them and not tempting the fate of the universe before the durability of the brand.

Avoid placing it before high temperatures

Avoid exposing the device at high temperatures, this affects the internal hardware and the proper functioning of the mobile as its functionality.

Take advantage of the manufacturer's updates, as this helps improve the errors within the system and increase the safety of the device, to avoid systematic attacks.

Avoid generic peripherals on your device, since these can alter its usual operation, so you will put your mobile device at risk.

Locate a suitable space to keep it

Many of the damage and scratches to cell phones is by the user's own carelessness or inadequate manipulation, which will eventually be committing the useful life of their components, presenting failures in time that should not do it.

In this way, when your device is loading it avoids making calls while it is in the loading process; Well, if you do, you will be shortening the time of your life and affecting the internal components, which will prevent it from having a good performance.

On the other hand, it prevents it from being completely discharged, since although the batteries now have a high amperage (5000 or 6000 a) do not abuse their potential, because if they really are durable, kill their load Between 20% to 80% so that the internal load cells are in good condition.

While you can let it periodically download, so that the battery rest a little, you can also turn it off to allow the device to rest on the frantic use that is given to these tools, andd you will see a change in Its usual performance.