Watch MIBRO, watches continue to have new options and technologies.

Alvaro Salazar
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MIBRO is a mark of the circle of Xiaomi, which devotes an important time to the creation of bright watches, and that today puts on sale its version MIBRO Lite. It is a gadget that is distinguished by its innovation that marks trend and that reacts adequately to the proof of utilization performed and the assumptions of the current market.

Watch MIBRO, watches continue to have new options and technologies.

Summary of the built-in elements in the new MIBRO

The Gadget allows the capture of distant photographs, music playback, discover the work of the clock, the silence of the phone, the warning of the approaching call, the non-disturbing mode, the message warnings of the application, the Update of programming, update of occasion, climate data, clock, calculator, stopwatch, alert, screen lock, load progress screen and frame updates.

An awesome screen

This gadget accompanies a screen AMOLED with a large shading definition and a size of 1.3 inches. Keep in mind that this type of screen is clearer and more effective energy, in contrast to other frames. It provides a great perception under daylight. An additional value is that they have a unique brand frame enemy by galvanoplasty. It is made of a splendid 2.5D curved glass.

Other exceptional components of MIBRO

MIBRO Incores some wellness and sport capabilities (15 modes) in such a surprising volume in models of this cost.

Among the benefits to highlight are, without prejudice to the aforementioned of its presentation, its ergonomic plan as well as its fantastic battery life (up to 10 days). The gadget comes standard with an attractive load base. It requires about 2 hours and 45 minutes to fully charge.

Book design

It has an exemplary round look that is both exquisite and suggestive of vivacious style. It is nice, since the body is extremely light (weighs 48 grams) and superfine (9.8 mm). Likewise, it allows the customization of the presentation with several accessible dials. This means that you can customize the MIBRO screen at your preference and still maintain your configuration and others.

Watch MIBRO, watches continue to have new options and technologies.

MIBRO body

It is inherent aluminum, with finished silicone tab. The body has a thickness of 9.8 millimeters and weighs 48 grams with a tie, for its qualities and ergonomics can be used in any circumstance of work or recreation.

It incorporates IP68 affirmation, opposition to waste and water (soaked up to 1.5 meters in water) which means that it is usually used without problems in the pool, shower or shower.

Extra components

The gadget remembers a screen mode always so that it can start up to 20 minutes.

Use a round touch board with adjusted edges that are exceptionally attractive. The majority will agree that this exceptionally fruitful plan is complemented by the sharpness and nature of the tones of the board. For better control, it incorporates a real button.

Keep in mind that the screen monitors shading and definition in an ideal way, which represents an additional value in this range of values.

Innovation applied in MIBRO

MIBRO incorporates sensors to control well-being for 24 hours and record real work. Personalized suggestions for drinking water, taking medications, moving (to avoid the way of life inactive), etc.

Checking the pulse day by day, with signal of the amount of pulsations in any circumstance of action or rest, you can settle strange alarms of change of cadence. In addition, has a SPO2 sensor for the discovery of oxygen immersion in the blood.

Watch MIBRO, watches continue to have new options and technologies.

Sign of the quality of rest with advice on the most competent method to develop it. Observation of stress throughout the day and accessibility of the preparation of direct breathing.

You can configure up to 8 alerts on the clock, which are wake up by vibration. Incorporate an application of mini-computer to make accounts from the wrist. It has a climate application, ability to discover the clock if a misfortune occurs. Option to control view playback and gadget sound and distant camera capability to take pictures with the phone by starting it from the clock.

Notices: By sliding the clock screen up, the phone's warnings are seen. It is possible to choose which applications you will send notices. Accessible:Instagram, whatsapp, sms, Calls, Facebook, Twitter, with the possibility of choosing the ones that really interest you.

Versatile application of MIBRO

All registered data is saved in the MIBRO android and is associated with the Strong>SmartWatch using Bluetooth. From the application you can change the sphere of the clock, observe the subsequent effects of current work and perform frame updates.

Exit offer

The MIBRO Lite is a very complete clock, with surprising independence and a great touch. Right now it is dispatched with an advance, a strategy that Oriental organizations often train and that essentially helps the buyer.


  • Measurements: Diameter 43 mm, height 9.8 mm.

  • Weight: 48g (counting the tabs)

  • Material: Metal and plastic, silicone.

  • Show: 1.3 inches AMOLED, round, shading HD.

  • Charging port: Magnetic.

  • Network: Bluetooth v5.0.

  • Sensor: Optical pulse, SPE2 sensor, Accelerometer.

  • Water immunity: IP68.

  • Battery and independence: 230 MAH For 8 days with typical use and 10 days in essential mode. Attractive load.

  • Application:MIBRO Fit Compatible with Android 5.0 and higher, iOS10.0 and higher.

This great tool helps improve experience in smartwatches. It is a complete device, you can not ask for more. We can control most of the configuration through it. Best of all is that this incredible clock has AMOLED screen and is tactile which facilitates the accessibility of this.

It has an incredible technology. You can measure your beats, steps and among other options that are beneficial to be aware of your health, this is definitely a perfect clock.