Learn here, step by step to return Google Chrome as your default browser

Grecia De Flores
3 min read

If what you are looking for is to have the fastest browser from all Internet, you will most likely find different opinions and some divided, since some consider Safari is one of the fastest within the market, while others think that Microsoft Edge does not have any kind of comparison. However, there is a browser that stands out above all, and that of Google Chrome. This search engine is considered one of the most used all over the world, which is why it has hundreds of secret elements and special configurations with which to make life much simpler to its users.

For that reason in this post, we want to help you a little more with a special trick with which you can see Chrome as your default search engine.

Learn here, step by step to return Google Chrome as your default browser

But first, what is the default search engine?

This is your very simple concept, since it means that every time you go to open Chrome, Google appears within them as your home page and not any other. Many are the times that for some mistake you made involuntarily or for any other browser failure, they started to appear pages that you do not need, but for that, you will find these settings.

Google Chrome is a space in which you have the possibility of finding and resolving any kind of doubt you possess, or even the safe space in which to look for this topic of your interest. In order to save time, Google has enabled various shortcuts which you can find from the address bar all the solutions and answers you need from.

To set Google Chrome as your default browser you must follow the following steps

1. Enter from a computer or also from your laptop to the Google home page which is:www.google.com.

2. Once there, you must press the three vertical points that you can see from the upper right end, so that you can find the different options that it will suggest you.

3. You will see that various options will be deployed in it, about which you must locate in those who say “Configuration”.

4. Una vez listo esto, debes ubicarte en la sección lateral izquierda y una vez allí hacer clic en el botón de “Buscador”.

5. Once there, you just have to look for the section that has the same name and right click on it.

6. There you will see that the following description will appear “Finder used in the address bar” and just right you should change it from yahoo! Search by Google.

And with this you will have everything ready to enjoy your favorite browser on the site it is. If you have something kind of problems with Google Chrome, you can support you in different web forums, where this failure despite being common, can be solved simply and quickly. Remember that by doing this and synchronizing all your data with the different devices in which you are registering, these configurations will be reflected there as well.