Spain forces Apple to use USB-C on the iPhone

Alvaro Salazar
3 min read

After a time of ideas and postponements, the European Commission has submitted its proposal to unify the connector used by the iPhone, the iPads and other technological devices.

Spain forces Apple to use USB-C on the iPhone – Technology – WebMediums

In this way, officials are definitively retracted from their sole agreement, which consisted of suggesting change, but without forcing manufacturers to choose a unique rule. Last year, when clearly a part of the business had not yet taken the jump to a solitary charger, the Commission dropped that it could take a step forward, and today it has affirmed it.

The new proposal includes the reconsideration of the order of radio equipment, so, by far, most electronic gadgets use the equivalent cargo port and a similar fast cargo innovation; The objective is that the buyer does not need to buy a charger and a link for each gadget, for the accommodation, however, particularly to reduce the electronic waste created each year.

USB-C will become the standard for all mobile phones, Tablets, Cameras, Headset, Speakers Compact and Computer Game Control Center; What, is more, the commission suggests that producers exclude the charger with the gadget, to support the use of which the buyer already has.

A significant detail is that the remote load is excluded from this proposal; Commissioner Thierry Breton clarified that there is still room for the development of this innovation. Although most mobiles support the Qi remote load, with the appearance of fast loading it is conceivable that this changes and start watching different methodologies.

Apple has influenced in general, but very little

The Commission has saved its proposal "intentional" underlying, guaranteeing that he has found how to decrease the number of phone chargers of 30 to only 3; However, 3 remains too much, especially when they are probably more powerful and first-line producers available.

We are talking about Apple, obviously. Although the organization of Apple is not named directly, it is the main mark of mobile phone that has not taken the jump to the USB-C; The new iPhone 13 presented for the current month actually uses the exclusive port Lightning of Apple.

The iPad Mini already uses the USB-C

However, this movement presumably will not be a migraine for apple, which from now on has some gadgets usb-c in your portfolio: practically all models of iPad, for example, the new iPad Mini mini.

In addition, the proposal explicitly ensures remote load, so Apple can continue betting on magsafe, and even make it more interesting from different advances such as those used in mobile phones Android. It is still possible that we never see a iPhone with USB-C; If the stories are valid, Apple has been working on an iphone remote loading without port for quite some time, so you would not have to adhere to these guidelines.

This revolutionary change the Apple market, since users will not need an original iPhone charger to charge their mobile phones.