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Meet the best applications to learn to sing from home

Enrique R
Enrique R
4 min read
Meet the best applications to learn to sing from home – Technology

If you want to learn singing for fun and not go out of tune when taking a microphone, Apps are an excellent option and are at your fingertips.

Some of these help you improve your vocal technique and tuning, others allow you to sing along with another person to practice as a duet, and others have very well-structured exercises, guaranteeing a gradual advance on your path to being a better singer.

Today I want to show you which are the best applications to improve your vocal technique.

The best apps to learn to sing from home


This App has become the favorite for those interested in mastering songs with their voice.

It does not pursue an academic or slow training, but it allows those who already have an idea of singing, to put their voice to songs, and then with that base edit all the work to finish with an attractive audio, which can be used in the background for a family presentation or similar occasions.


This program is specially designed to work with your cappella singing skills.

To sing a cappella is to do it without any type of accompaniment or background track, it requires some rhythmic dexterity and tuning, but it shows that the person really has singing skills.

Voloco is an app that allows you to detect and correct errors in your voice, although it is designed to sing without technical accompaniment, in the end it will allow you to add some voices, if it is your decision.

Vox Tools

Our list does not have an order or classification by quality, but if it did, this could be numbed one. Designed by Spaniards with academic training and experience in singing, it has an explanation of the correct mechanisms for advancement, singing exercises and more.

Vox Tools is the most recommended application in Spanish to learn singing, thanks to its design designed for a gradual development of your singing skills. If to all this we add that it is a free application, there is no time to lose.

Meet the best applications to learn to sing from home – Technology


This application has stood out for transforming the learning and practice of singing into a collective experience. You will be able to be in contact with users from various countries who share some tracks. Also create your own tracks and upload them to share.

In Voisey we also see a fun and interesting function, if you coordinate with a user in the community, they can sing a piece as a duet and by doing so, you can select the split screen view.

Learn to Sing

With a very basic interface, it is the most suitable option for those who start from scratch and require simple exercises; is available free for Android.

Voice modulation is something that is difficult for some people, in this application you will find exercises where these changes are exercised, making sure to maintain good tuning.

Meet the best applications to learn to sing from home – Technology

Tips to get the most out of these Apps

Although some applications are very comprehensive, there are key data that will help you maximize the benefits with these programs, we recommend that you take into account:

  • Warming up: The voice is a delicate instrument, you need to warm up and take care of your voice, avoiding doing very strong or extensive exercises without proper warming up.

  • Do not jump in your learning: If the path to a certain level includes 20 lessons, complete your 20 lessons without running, those exercises and practice will make you a better singer, they provide strength and resistance to your voice.

  • Listen to your voice: Few things are more useful in musical learning than listening to ourselves, it allows us to identify weaknesses and work them separately, guaranteeing solid growth and training.