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Programming in Android: Why learn to program?

Andy Vilchez
4 min read
Programming in Android: Why learn to program? – Technology – WebMediums
Program on Android.

Today, mobile devices revolutionize the way people communicate with each other. Gone are the years when a device was used to make calls and send text messages.

The industry has advanced so far that today people carry a small laptop in their pockets.

Mobile devices allow us to do almost anything we need to do. That is why it has become a great market with a lot of potential for programmers.

More and more people are dedicated or want to dedicate themselves to mobile development. This mainly because it is a business that moves billions of dollars every year, so it is a very good profession.

Android or iOS programming?

Programming in Android: Why learn to program? – Technology – WebMediums
Android or iOS?

This is a very common question asked by people who want to start the world of mobile development. For both you will find many potential clients who require your services.

You can even start your own projects as an independent developer.

However, if you are just starting out, Android programming is the best option.

Mainly because it is easier to learn, and its requirements are lower. For example, to program in iOS it is mandatory to use an Apple computer to compile, while in Android, you can use any computer.

Advantages of programming in Android

Programming in Android: Why learn to program? – Technology – WebMediums
Program on Android.

Android programming has a series of advantages that can give you that boost you need to start studying. Next I will tell you what are the 5 advantages of learning to program on Android.

It is the operating system with the most users

Thanks to the fact that Android is open source and Google allows any mobile device manufacturer to use its system, Android has reached 80% of the current market share. This represents more than 2 billion devices worldwide, so the market is very large.

Programming in Android is easier

The basis of programming in Android is Java, this language is widely used not only for Android but for many devices. This means that there is more documentation about it and therefore, a great community behind it.

Also, Java programming is one of the simplest of all, so even if you don't know any other language, it won't be that complicated.

Android is not as strict as iOS

One of the biggest advantages of programming for Android is that the Play Store is less strict than the App Store. This is a great advantage because it is easier to distribute your application.

It is open source

Android is an open source system, this has many advantages for development. So you have many more possibilities when programming an application compared to its competitors.

Better job expectations

Android with many more applications and users who demand more and more content, this represents a great job opportunity for you.

What do you need to program on Android?

Programming in Android: Why learn to program? – Technology – WebMediums
Android Studio.

Many believe that programming for Android is difficult, however, it is not so difficult. The first thing you will need to get started is a development environment in which you can write, compile, and test the software you are developing.

This development environment is none other than the Android SDK, and it is included in Android Studio, which is the development suite provided by Google.

It includes the program to write the code, the compiler and an Android emulator so that you can test your applications live.

Additionally, you will need to know a programming language compatible with Android. This operating system uses Java, so if you are an expert or know this language, it will be enough.

There are other options that are even more popular when it comes to programming on Android. We are talking about Kotlin and Flutter, either of the two programming languages are good for programming on Android.

The choice of language is entirely up to you, choose the one that makes you feel more comfortable and the one that you think is easier for you.