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Realme GT Neo 2 a completely quality / price mobile

Alvaro Salazar
8 min read
Realme GT Neo 2 a completely quality / price mobile – Technology – WebMediums
Realme GT Neo 2

Realme has once and for all made a mobile with an incredible ratio of Quality / Price points, continuing in the footsteps of the original from the GT range.

The Chinese manufacturer astonished the whole world in 2021 with the shipment of the Realme GT, which in fact seems to me to be the offer of the year, offering the best Qualcomm processor at an absurd cost ; Obviously, for that very reason it is progressively difficult to achieve, and given this interest, different models have come out depending on a similar scenario, for example, the Realme GT Master Edition.

We can believe that the Realme GT Neo 2 that the organization has presented today in Madrid is the same: a form of the GT with equipment changes to reduce costs ; however, nothing could be further from the truth.

Actually, we are facing an intermediate point until the shipment of the GT 2 territory. The next mobile in this range, which we trust is another powerful machine, will appear in 2022 ; however, in the meantime, we have this GT Neo 2 waiting for a major leap in power and quality.

Incredible quality in a very cheap mobile

Realme GT Neo 2 a completely quality / price mobile – Technology – WebMediums
Realme GT Neo 2

Also, for seemingly a mid-range model, the Realme GT Neo 2 feels amazing in the hand, despite being basically constructed of plastic.

Here you will not find expensive materials such as glass, however, Realme has taken consideration to achieve a decent finish, due to a coating of seven nano coatings that achieves an extremely smooth surface to the touch, that does not leave a single trace and that to the As you see, it is exceptionally rich.

In addition, it helps the selection of shades; Although the most striking variant is the green adaptation for the more forceful designs and styling, the dark shape that I have had the option to look at is my best pick.

Curiously, the care for aesthetics extends to the included case; Most manufacturers put a direct instance of poor quality, however Realme has tried to put one of a similar tone to the gadget, so it fits much better towards the outside and does not give the feeling of 'modesty' that others give phones.

It's those little subtleties that say a ton about the product, rather than a roundup of specialized highlights.

The screen will dazzle you

Obviously, it is not so much that in that sense it is terrible. The star, as far as I'm concerned, has been the huge AMOLED screen ; Realme does not hide that it is a board provided by Samsung, and why would it be a good idea to hide it? It is the best manufacturer of AMOLED screens for phones right now, and it is a motivation to show off.

Otherwise, this board doesn't disappoint in any capacity, with uncommon sharpness and generally excellent shadow handling.

The greater splendor of 1,300 nits guarantees the perceptibility in any circumstance, and thanks to that and the high differentiation, it is the first HDR10 + show that Realme presents in a long time of range ; consequently, appreciating the visual content and the sound becomes a delight.

As we expected, the blacks have been remarkable, and the difference is staggering. It's an incredible screen, inside and out: At 6.62 inches, it's bigger than the first Realme GT, and I think overall it offers a match like no other.

It's also a slimmer, more hand-adapted phone than the GT, although this has a trade -off: 3.5 mm sound performance. It is not something that surprises me, given the market guidelines; in fact, the surprising thing was that the first GT had it.

In return, the battery is a 5,000 mAh higher limit, a compromise that I imagine most customers will acknowledge without reservation.

A monstrous machine in power

Inside the Realme GT Neo 2 we find a Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 ; The enormous advantage of this chip is its greater productivity, allowing it to reach higher frequencies without consuming so much energy or getting so hot.

The GT Neo 2 will be accessible with two RAM and capacity options; the 8 GB RAM form will have 128 GB capacity, and the 12 GB variant will have 256 GB.

In games like Genshin Impact or PUBG, the GT Neo 2 can perform well in general and has offered playable rates without problems, which means that it is a mobile close to being "A Gamer Device".

What you dislike the most is the heat that the gadget produces, something that I did not expect; when we 'overload' the mobile, the rear part heats up a lot, despite the fact that Realme has foreseen this and has executed a smoke chamber cooling.

This ensures that the presentation does not fall despite the heat produced, as it spreads outside the gadget ; however, we will see the heat in our grip.

We are facing a versatile fast. The Realme UI 2.0 OS helps a lot, on Android 11 that this gadget transmits; As is usual for the brand, there are very few contrasts compared to the 'stock' variant, beyond some tasteful changes and the combination of Realme administrations.

There are also some pre-installed applications, although luckily we can uninstall them, and they are not usually as numerous as we generally find on certain phones.

A simple, standard OS

Despite the fact that today the existence of Realme UI 3.0 has been reported, with a view to Android 12 and with important new features, for example, an Artificial Intelligence engine to monitor energy use, this gadget does not accompany it from the plant of processing, and we will have to endure until the following year for an update.

All in all, the customer experience with the Realme GT Neo 2 is extremely fast and satisfying. This is where the other amazing component of the cabinet becomes arguably the most important factor: its 120 Hz wake-up rate.

All interface components go fast and smooth, and the 600Hz test rate ensures that our screen directions mean screen activities in a fraction of a second.

Maybe that's why we felt this phone was faster than the first Realme GT, although that phone was clearly more impressive with a top-of-the-line Snapdragon 888.

What's also exceptionally fast is charging. Realme continues to exploit its innovation of 65W SuperDart fast charging charger and remembered link for the box ; It is as fast as with previous gadgets, I have the option to reach 100% in a few minutes.

What we don't find on this mobile is remote charging, which Realme is hesitant to carry out; We accept that it is made on a tight budget for the cutting edge Realme GT to run MagDart, your choice in contrast to MagSafe with attractive remote charging.

The cameras of the Realme GT Neo 2 follow the direction that we have found in the most recent gadgets of the brand. The star is the 64 MP main sensor, which produces extremely sharp photos; Naturally, they are 16 MP to acquire a more prominent sharpness in the image, however, it is feasible to use the 64 MP mode in the case that we are not worried about a little "grain" or we need a huge image.

The photographs are acceptable, however they are not impressive ; the differentiation is improvable, and they constantly seem to be more splendid regions than they definitely should be.

However, it is anything but a terrible camera, and it is doable to get great pictures absent a lot of trouble; the camera app is basic however it offers some secret options, for example the new road photography mode.

It is joined by an 8 MP wide-angle sensor ; in case you don't anticipate much that's fine however it needs a ton of light, or you will just get foggy shots.

Finally, the large-scale 2 MP sensor this time surprised us, when in general it is the one we like the least; Despite not having autotuning, it is feasible to take intriguing and moderately sharp photos.

The best of all is the price

The Realme GT Neo 2 is something beyond another GT ; Tackles the next stage for a producer who really has some secret weapons. In certain respects, I think this phone is superior to the first GT.

Perhaps that is why it is not really shocking that the initial cost of this GT Neo 2 is basically the same as that of the first GT: 449 euros / $ for the 8 GB and 128 GB model, and 549 euros / $ for the 12. GB and 256 GB.

Maybe that's a lot for a "mid-range" model, considering the tough rivalry in this value range; the OnePlus Nord 2, for example, is 50 euros cheaper, despite the fact that it worsens the screen and processor.

The Realme GT, by itself, has raised its cost to 499 euros / $ ; 50 euros that compensates for a top processor and quality materials such as leather or glass.

However, as always when we talk about Realme, the Realme GT Neo 2 will have an extraordinary shipping offer.

From November 16 to November 29, at the Black Friday event, the 8 GB model will be accessible for only 369.99 euros / $ ; while the 12 GB one will cost only 449 euros / $.

It's a huge discount, and it's what really makes this gadget recommendable. At that price, there are not many models that can compete.