Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Test: A watch to quantify muscle-fat relationship and identify when you are asleep

Alvaro Salazar
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Apple is the indisputable innovator in the smartwatches market. In the first quarter of 2021, the organization of Cupertino was made with 33% of the pie on 8% of Samsung, according to the particular entry Statista To deal with the brand Apple and overcome the area, the most recent bet of Goliath South Korean is the Samsung Galaxy watch 4. This high-end watch, which projects several fundamental signals, can calibrate the weight file and distinguish when you are asleep.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Test: A watch to quantify muscle-fat relationship and identify...

The galaxy watch 4 is available on two models: ordinary — with aluminum box- and exemplary -in steel hard-. There are already people experimenting with it for a couple of days the galaxy classic, which can be approved In two dimensions: with box of 42 or 46 millimeters. The largest model weighs 52 grams and is accessible by 450. In general, it is nice, although it is very voluminous. Above all, if you do not have a huge wrist. Your 1.4-inch screen looks very good. The Gadget, which has an exquisite termination, has a pivoting bezel that allows you to travel the different uses of the clock.

As usual in this type of watches, the client can choose between several spheres, both advanced and simple. It is feasible to choose between those offered data on sleeping time and pulse or energy. For example, there is one of a bear eating popcorn or one of an energized symbol that smiles, moves or wink the eye. It is also possible to see the time in two different countries simultaneously or establish as a basis any photo stored on the phone.

Examination of body performance

Innovation monsters have been looking for an aggressive objective: to examine the health of customers through their SmartWatches. In any case, for the second they are not welfare articles: the information they offer is only demonstrative and should not be used for clinical purposes. The galaxy watch classic can identify, through an electrocardiogram, if There is a strange cardiac cadence. It seems to be the best on the market.

However, if the new clock of Samsung is distinguished by something, it is because it has sensors in the body. They are used to quantify the level of muscle-fat ratio, volume or water measurement in the body. By using this capacity, you have to indicate whether you are man or woman, height and weight. This is the newest watch so far and with the best technology.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Test: A watch to quantify muscle-fat relationship and identify...

The South Korean brand warns that this estimate "is expected exclusively for uses related to well-being and health, not for the conclusion or treatment of diseases" Also, it does not suggest taking estimates in the event that you have an embedded pacemaker or then again in case you are pregnant. To check the body synthesis, it is necessary to lift the clock a little on the wrist and place the central fingers and annular on the buttons for a couple of moments.

The Galaxy 4 classic also distinguishes and investigates rest. In addition to giving data on calories consumed during rest, it shows how long you have been alert, in Rem phase or in light or deep rest. In addition, it has a capacity that acts on blood oxygen during rest (the oxygen level that red platelets transport from the lungs to the rest of the body) and a wheezing identifier. The mobile also records the sounds that the client does while he sleeps. The goal is to inform you of whether it has wheezing, for how long and with what regularity during the night.

When you are alert, the SmartWatch records if you get up, move or sports. In addition to counting the steps and calories, you can register the exercises performed. In total, it recognizes more than 90 activities: from swimming to climbing or burning, going through the jumps, boats, abdominals or arms expansions. Like others Very good quality, the Samsung allows you to monitor notifications, answer calls or messages and use applications such as Google Maps.

Characteristics and performance

One thing to remember is that the Samsung Watch 4 Classic is not viable with any mobile phone. To get the most suitable experience, the ideal is to use it with a mobile of the organization. This document has directed the tests with the Galaxy Z 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3. Gadget can also be used with other android phones — although some capabilities could be restricted. Interestingly, it is not viable with iPhones or phones Huawei. It can be said that it is almost only compatible with mobiles Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Test: A watch to quantify muscle-fat relationship and identify...

The clock has 1.5 GB of RAM, 16 GB inner storage and the new Exynos W920. This processor is the first processor of five nanometers for smartwatches. The execution has been faithful to the form of a high-end clock. There is no essentially no clearance when using it. However, a longer battery life is insufficient. The battery is 361 mAh and lasts a day and a half. It all depends on how the clock is used, but you have to load it as if it were a mobile phone. Filling the clock battery requires about two hours.

This incredible watch has it of everything, is the one indicated to keep us informed about the health of our body, so we are or not a Fitness person. It is an elegant and sporty clock at the same time, which allows you to use it on the occasion that we want and others is that it is amazing to link it with your mobile.

The performance of this technological device is impressive. It is one of the best clocks on the market so far, as it has very good processor for a smartwatch. With this watch we have more options and accessibility to the options that our mobile device offers us.