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Technological advances in military intelligence

Fermín Díaz
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Technological advances in military intelligence – Technology – WebMediums
Advances in military technology






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When we talk about progress in the world of technology, we talk about many fields that affect human life. Well, that being the case, military intelligence is one of those fields where technological evolution can be evidenced.

But what is meant by military intelligence ? It consists of the activities carried out by the armed forces to collect data on their rivals, in order to plan strategies through various operations.

How has technology influenced this field today? Next we will show you what have been the latest technological advances in military intelligence.


What at first glance appears to be a toy drone is actually the smallest military drone in the world. Its diminutive size combined with its exceptional performance has made the PD-100 BLACK HORNET a near-perfect recognition device.

Its advantages have already been appreciated by members of the British intelligence forces during their operations in Afghanistan. Additionally, these miniature drones have been adopted by the US and 17 other countries.

But why are they so good? First, the drone does not need to be assembled, it can be put into operation in a few seconds. The controls are very simple and learning to fly takes no more than 20 minutes.

Technological advances in military intelligence – Technology – WebMediums
The smallest military drone in the world

This drone weighs 18 grams, is 16 centimeters long, at the same time it is silent, has three cameras and is capable of moving away from the operator at a distance of 1.6 km.

It can be controlled even with one hand, using a special remote control, the battery lasts 25 minutes, the information is delivered to the operator in real time.

The drone itself does not store information, which is useful in case of capture. The PD-100 BLACK HORNET is very maneuverable, the night vision system and the thermal camera improve the recognition capabilities.

The drone is not afraid of bad weather like rain and snow. It can easily withstand winds of 8 to 12 meters / s. Its maximum speed is 18 km / h.


If you need a recognition device that does not move through the air, the best option is GUARDBOT. This gadget also has compact dimensions, its diameter is only 60 cm.

But don't be fooled by its fragile appearance. GUARDBOT can travel on both water and land, and engineers have provided the device with a decent level of cross-country skill.

Technological advances in military intelligence – Technology – WebMediums
Reconnaissance robot by sea and land

So it is equally smooth and easy to ride on grass, sand and other surfaces. The purpose of this unmanned sphere robot is to patrol territories, detect explosive devices and dangerous chemicals.

The cameras inside the robot provide a 360º view, a microphone allows to record everything that happens. In this case the data is also transmitted in real time through secure data channels.

GUARDBOT weighs 24 kg, can operate continuously for 4 to 6 hours, can travel at a speed of up to 10 km / h per hour on land and in water it will travel at 5 km / h.


It is a military robot actively used by the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan. The device was created by the American company IROBOT, which participates in the modernization program of the US Army.

The advantages of the design can be seen with the naked eye, the PACKBOT 510 robot uses tracked tractors to move, although it has a special and mobile design.

Technological advances in military intelligence – Technology – WebMediums
Reconnaissance robot to penetrate hard-to-reach places

Thanks to this, the robot can push itself, descend safely from high places and even overcome large obstacles. But that's not all, this robot has an advantage that other reconnaissance vehicles do not have.

The IROBOT PACKBOT can be equipped with a 2 meter long machined arm. It has a flexible design, so that the end-mounted camera can penetrate even awkward and hard-to-reach places.

The mechanical gripper increases the number of tasks that the robot can perform. This device can reach speeds of up to 24 km / h and its weight is 29 kg.


It is an unmanned ground robot that, in addition to carrying out intelligence missions, can participate in combat missions. The production of these equipments is in charge of the company Milrem robotics in Estonia.

The name of the robot is an acronym (THEMIS), it stands for Track Hybrid Modular Infantry System, which translates as Infantry Tracking Hybrid Modular System, while UGV stands for Unmanned Ground Vehicle.

Technological advances in military intelligence – Technology – WebMediums
Unmanned ground robot for intelligence and combat missions

But let's talk about its characteristics. The robot is equipped with a 40-millimeter grenade launcher and a 12.7-millimeter machine gun. The operator controls the movement of the device and projectiles launched from a distance, using a device that looks like a tablet.

The developers created an intuitive and easy control that reduces operator fatigue and improves efficiency. The manufacturer also took care of the protection.

The robot withstands armor-piercing gun fire and anti-tank mine blasts. The built-in flying drone that can be launched using the control panel, provides a panoramic view.

The maximum speed of the robot is 24 km / h, but this deficiency is compensated by its high movement capacity. THEMIS UGV is not afraid of slopes of 60º, it can even dive up to 60 cm deep.


This tactical combat robot was developed by the Israeli company General robotics. Its mission is to provide armed support to the infantry during counterterrorism operations as well as in other combat operations.

The advantages of this device are many. First, its compact size, the weight of the robot does not exceed 12 Kg, making it easy to transport from one place to another.

Technological advances in military intelligence – Technology – WebMediums
DOGO is a tactical combat robot

It has 9 micro-cameras that are responsible for reconnaissance missions, they are mounted on the housing and provide a 360º view.

But the most important feature is the glock 9 mm combat pistol with 14 bullets that can be installed inside. This feature distinguishes the robot from all the others, because it was designed specifically for this weapon and can only be used with it.

Others are similar robots that are designed to fit interchangeable combat modules. DOGO stands out for its maneuverability, its ability to overcome obstacles thanks to its track system and even to go down and upstairs. The built-in battery guarantees 4 hours of continuous operation.


The developers of this device were inspired by the idea that soon there will be no people on the battlefields. Battles will be fought by operator-controlled machines, from a safe distance.

TIKAD is a battle drone that will easily replace a full human combat team. You can cope with assigned tasks many times faster and more efficiently.

Technological advances in military intelligence – Technology – WebMediums
This drone is expected to replace human soldiers in the future

This system has been developed by a team of American specialists from IUC Robotics. The drone is armed with light weapons, making it ideal for counterterrorism operations.

TIKAD is particularly relevant when fighting takes place near populated areas. Engineers are confident that the use of these drones will reduce incidental civilian casualties.

The advantage of the drone is that it is capable of lifting any weapon in the air, its only limit is the weight, it should not weigh 10 kg. For this device, it follows the operator's orders.

However, we would not be surprised if in the future these systems may discover the enemy and open fire on their own.


This is an underwater mine seeking robot developed by the Swedish company Saab. It was designed to safely search, move, and deactivate explosive devices underwater.

The model was presented to the world in 2016, it is important that you know that until recently the deactivation of explosives underwater was carried out by divers, since there was no other alternative.

Technological advances in military intelligence – Technology – WebMediums
Robot searches for mines underwater

That is why SEA WASP is a very important and useful development. This drone is powered by two electric motors. Which allows it to reach speeds of up to 15 km / h.