The trick with which you can remove the archived folder on whatsapp

Grecia De Flores
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WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging applications that exist in the country. Likewise, this application besides being super popular, has hundreds of configurations, which were created to be able to give their users various facilities and comfort convenience.

However, the mobile application of the moment, has many secrets which we can see inside their configurations, one of those best saved secrets is to be able to adjust the platform in order to download Photographs in HD, the possibility of blocking the admission to the APP and that it is by means of a fingerprint and one of the most famous and spoken of the moment, is being able to add end encryption to all backup copies that They are made inside the device.


One of the best options that this application has, is the power to archive different chats within the app, which at first glance could be appreciated, since we had it as an outstanding tab at the top of all The chats. That's why inside this chat, we'll show you a trick with which you can hide this tab of “Archivados”

What is the tool for 'Archive'?

The function of this tab is pretty, since as your name it is indicated, it works to be able to pigeonhole or save within a variety folder WhatsApp Conversations, which no longer possess any activity type does some time. A pretty clear example of this, are the study groups, which you leave on the side during the holidays, but that are not necessary to eliminate. Therefore, many students opted to archive them in order to activate them when necessary.

Can I file those inactive group chats? Of course. And if you do not know which ones with the chat groups that are deactivated, you just have to go down to the first chat that is in your account and there you can see if there are groups that are very old, in order to archive them and have them in a space in which They do not occupy so much space within the tab of the chats.

How to file ancient chats on whatsapp?

1. Start by pressing the chat you want to archive for time space from 1 to 2 seconds, or even until the same vibes.

2. Once you notice that it has been selected, you must give a touch over those others chats you want to pigeonhole.

3. As a last step, just at the top you will see that various options will appear, among which you must choose the icon of the folder that is with an arrow pointing towards the bottom.

Once these steps have been followed, you will see that they will stop appearing at the start of the screen, as they will all have moved towards the top window on a name “Filed”

How to hide the tab filed on whatsapp?

To begin you must make sure you have the updated application or that it does not have any type of update within the Google Play Store or App Store.

After that, you must open the application and press the three vertical points that you will see located at the top right. When the pressures you will see that different options are deployed, to which you must locate you about what it says “Settings”.

Once there you must go to the section “Chats”, to finally, move to the end and in conjunction with the space bar Deactivate the option of “Keep the Archived Chats”.

And ready, as you can see from that moment the “tab” will no longer appear in the top part of the Interface of your WHATSAPP application, but it will be located at the end of all these conversations. Therefore, when you are looking for some type of chat, you have filed, you must move towards the bottom, so you can open them correctly.


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