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This is the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 2021

Andy Vilchez
4 min read

Just like every year, Samsung releases new mobile devices and new tablets. On this occasion, we have a Samsung 2021 tablet, we specifically talk about the new Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 2021.

This is the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 2021 – Technology – WebMediums
Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 2021

This device will soon hit the shelves of technology stores, therefore, fans of the brand and these devices are on the lookout.

Although it has not yet been officially presented, recently some of the main features that this new device will bring were known.

This feature leak came from 91Mobiles, who had access to information related to this new tablet from the Korean brand. And the truth is that this new update of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 promises a lot.

Galaxy Tab A8 2021 Leaked Features

This is the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 2021 – Technology – WebMediums
Samsung Tablet 2021

Next, we will tell you everything that is known so far about the new Galaxy Tab A8 2021. In this way, you will be able to get to know this new device in greater depth.


This new Samsung 2021 tablet would have a 10.4-inch TFT-type screen. It will have a Full HD + resolution and a refresh rate of 60 Hz. Although it is not one of the best screens for a tablet, in the price range that this device is found it is quite good.


As for the camera, according to 91Mobiles it will have an 8 MP sensor on the back.

It is a simple camera, but with good lighting conditions it will allow you to take pretty good photos. On the front we will find a 5 MP sensor for selfies.

No further specifications are known regarding this, we will have to wait for the launch to know more exactly how the sensors of this new Samsung Galaxy Tab 8 2021 will be.


As for what you find inside the case of this new Samsung 2021 tablet, we have that it will be available in two versions, one with 3 GB of RAM and one with 4 GB of RAM.

Remember that we are facing a basic tablet for daily use, therefore, it is not designed for demanding users.

As for the internal storage, there are different options, and we can find them from 32 GB to 128 GB. It is important to mention that it will not have a micro SD card slot, therefore, this storage is not expandable. This is something very important that you must take into account when choosing it.

The processor will be an Unisoc, more specifically the Tiger T618 with which you will be able to obtain a quite acceptable performance.


Another of the most important sections is autonomy, the new Galaxy Tab A8 2021 will have 7.48 mAh, therefore, you will be able to enjoy sufficient autonomy.

With normal use, it will easily last a full day. It also has a fast charge of 15 W, to be able to charge this huge battery in the shortest possible time.

Additional characteristics

Among some other characteristics that have been known is that it will come in terms of connectivity there will be two alternatives. It will be available in an LTE variant and one that is Wi-Fi Only and will be sold in three colors: silver, gray, and gold.

As for the audio, we have that this will have four speakers to give you a very good sound experience. In addition, it will have Dolby Atmos technology to offer immersive audio.

How much will be available?

This is the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 2021 – Technology – WebMediums
Galaxy Tab A8 2021

There is still no official date for the launch of this new Samsung 2021 tablet.

However, the launch is expected to take place during this month of November and December. In any case, we will have to wait for a statement from Samsung. But the expectations for the release of this tablet are quite high.

How much will it cost?

At the moment there is no official information regarding the price of this device, but we can expect it to have a starting price similar to that of the previous version.

Remember that it is an inexpensive equipment, therefore, it can be expected that the final price of it will be between 300 and 400 dollars.