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What are the best alternatives to WhatsApp?

We filter the best alternative platforms to offer you a top list

Enrique R
Enrique R
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There is life after WhatsApp, if you are terrified of recent crashes, you may have other options at hand: A life preserver never takes up much space on board.

With more than 2000 million monthly users, WhatsApp has become part of our lives, the connection frequency is even higher than on Facebook and this implies that we get used to chatting through this App.

However, recently some drops have caused many to look for other options.

We will help you select the best ones with a list that we have prepared with good alternatives to WhatsApp.

What are the best alternatives to WhatsApp? – Technology – WebMediums

What do we look for in an alternative to WhatsApp?

Basically a platform that is stable and allows us to communicate through a decent chat, but it is convenient to take into account the number of users, to know if it is convenient for us free or paid and the compatibility with different systems or versions of the operating system.

The Apps that we mention below are available for most of the devices that are used massively, but we combine some free and some paid, so that you can choose the one that best suits you according to your needs.


A secure, comfortable, lightweight platform that offers end-to-end encryption and some functions similar to WhatsApp.

For those who work with marketing, it should be clarified that WhatsApp Business is a particularity of WhatsApp, which was born in that platform as a response to its immense number of users, it was a way of channeling all that traffic towards an almost natural end as it was in the search engines: online commerce, advertising and attention through 2.0.

Signal surpassed 50 million downloads this year, however it is still WhatsApp laymen, although the figure seems very high when divided by the countries that use it, it may be somewhat low.

What are the best alternatives to WhatsApp? – Technology – WebMediums


This App has had remarkable growth this year, the factors that have driven it go beyond the situation of the fall of other networks, Threema has some functions that give it an advantage over WhatsApp, although one factor prevents it from reaching use massive as the famous App: Threema is not free.

Payment Apps always carry not only the disadvantage of cost as such, in some countries traditional online payment systems are not as well known and used, this prevents more people from knowing and using them.

An interesting advantage of Threema over WhatsApp is that you do not need a phone number within the platform.

Once installed, you can manage only with your user, this implies a level of privacy and anonymity that many like.

You can also use it through its web version safely, with the same advantage of identifying yourself only with your user.

What are the best alternatives to WhatsApp? – Technology – WebMediums


It is one of the most stable and secure platforms in the world. In addition, this messaging App complies with European regulations on data protection.

The segmentation of the services it offers has also helped them to grow.

When comparing it directly with WhatsApp, we can highlight that Wire also has a version for companies.

The difference is that this is paid, but like the most used messaging platform, in Wire company profiles have very useful extra functions for dynamics with their clients.

In Wire, we can define a time for deleting messages, define the size of the files we send, and it can be configured on up to 8 computers at the same time. Its only disadvantage is that, like Threema, it is a paid App.

What are the best alternatives to WhatsApp? – Technology – WebMediums


You can't talk about the best alternatives to WhatsApp without mentioning Telegram. The App has become the great reference worldwide, even as a competition for WhatsApp.

Each fall of Facebook and WhatsApp adds millions of users to Twitter and Telegram.

Facebook as a social network is much larger than Twitter, but the blue bird network always offers stability. In the same way, WhatsApp is greater than Telegram, but the latter is the refuge that guarantees stability.

Fewer users on platforms = Greater stability.

The relationship between users and stability applies easily to Twitter, but in Telegram the numbers do not stop growing.

At the beginning of 2021 it already had more than 500 million users, with the fall of other networks it added 25 million users in January, but in the most recent fall it added 70 million more users, so the projection for the end of this year is over 600 million.

Is Telegram a good option to WhatsApp?

In short, yes. In fact, it has advantages in many aspects, highlighting:

Group capacity: In WhatsApp there is a current limit of 257 users for groups.

This number is valid for an interaction in teams of a certain size, but the dynamics on these platforms bring people from various regions and even countries together, so when it comes to a large group (thousands), users choose Telegram. It has capacity for more than 10,000 – 20,000 people.

Profile and group search engine: In WhatsApp you can only use the search engine to find already saved contacts, groups you are already in and conversations in your chats.

In Telegram, you can find users and groups without having their phone number, just by placing the name in the search engine. This increases the dynamics and has benefited the growth in users and in giant Telegram groups.

What are the best alternatives to WhatsApp? – Technology – WebMediums

Anonymous user: You can interact without others knowing your number, only with your nick on the platform.

Survey system and many bots to facilitate control in groups: WhatsApp has not been able to match these advantages of Telegram and the closest thing to the control that bots allow in groups, in functions as important as avoiding spam, which has grown are Pirate apps that imitate WhatsApp, with users who have installed them despite being banned precisely to have the advantages of Telegram.

Use from the PC: This advantage, together with stability, is one of the most mentioned by users. In Telegram, you only have to have an android at the time of installing it on the PC. Then, even if you delete the App from the phone, Telegram will continue to work on your PC or laptop, you will not need to connect the data on your mobile to chat on Telegram.


Rather than looking for an alternative to WhatsApp, it would be convenient to be clear about your needs as a user before opting for any other messaging platform, the reason why Telegram does not stop growing is that many users have understood it: Its functions make it not in one option, in an ideal platform for many organizations, activities and work teams.