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WhatsApp marketing: How to make the most of the platform for your campaigns

WhatsApp is the best channel to launch your marketing strategy

Enrique R
Enrique R
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WhatsApp marketing

With more than 2 billion active users per month worldwide, WhatsApp is the best channel to launch your marketing strategy; And if you want to know how to do it, here we will provide valuable advice for it.

For decades, the internet became the largest showcase in the world for millions of companies; But the work of reaching the target audience and personalizing customer service is difficult when dealing with such large spaces.

WhatsApp is an optimal tool for marketing; Because your users log in individually, this improves the actual reach and open rate of messages. For this reason, more and more companies are opting for WhatsApp Marketing.

WhatsApp Marketing and WhatsApp Business: How do they work?

When we talk about WhatsApp Marketing we refer to the set of marketing strategies that are developed around this platform.

Many companies can choose different style of campaigns, in the type of publications, this is associated with: frequency, use or not of links, focus, graphic elements, and more.

But currently a good whatsapp marketing strategy includes the use of WhatsApp Business.

It is a version of the App developed by the company, aimed at companies of any size and that facilitates communication with clients, sending mass messages, automating tasks and managing data, as well as providing a more professional aspect to the company.

Direct contact with customers through WhatsApp Business is growing among marketing strategies and has largely replaced email marketing.

Advantages of WhatsApp Business for your marketing campaign

The first thing we must highlight is that the tool for companies has a remarkable growth.

Every day more than 175 million people communicate with companies through WhatsApp Business.

This speaks of a specific market within the WhatsApp platform in this tool that only in the month of January 2021 registered 18 million downloads. In addition, WhatsApp Business allows us to:

  • Create a business profile : That way customers will immediately know details about your company, address and phone number (builds trust with new customers), the website address and a contact email.

  • Automate messages: An element that should not be abused, but necessary, especially for small companies that do not have a 24-hour call center.

  • Quick responses: It is an option that allows you to save a response that you provide frequently, then you can forward it immediately with a single click.

  • Statistics: It is always useful to know the exact metrics on the messages sent and the interaction of the clients with them.

  • Tags: Organizing chats or contacts using tags will save you time.

Important elements for your marketing strategy

Database: Remember that you will initiate business strategies, you cannot go by groups spreading spam or sending messages to people in a disorderly way.

To make an optimized database you have to join your web resources with WhatsApp Business, placing a button where users enter their data and then establish contact through chat on the platform is a great option.

Customize your profile to build trust: Think you are a customer who needs information about a product or service. Would you rather speak with a profile called "Mueblería LM" or with "Katy, customer service Mueblería LM"? Exactly! People feel comfortable talking to people and if you already have to automate messages, avoid making it more mechanical, the profile should attract and provide confidence to the customer.

Optimizing your marketing campaign on the platform

Thanks to the tools and tips above, you can get the most out of your WhatsApp campaigns by following the steps below.

Identify your target audience for the campaign or information you want to spread

Do you remember the labels? It is one of the ways to organize your contacts.

You will need to create distribution lists and configure them according to many factors, as a priority it is recommended that you create a list for all contacts, where you can send information of interest in special offers from your company, advice or tips for the use of the product you sell.

Besides, you must have a list for clients who are beginning to contact your project, people who still do not have all the information about your product or service, and finally, a list with those who have already purchased your product.

Design the multimedia elements to support the campaign on WhatsApp

These visual and audiovisual support elements are used both in campaign messages for specific offers and for seasonal campaigns.

While any marketing campaign seeks to sell, it is important to establish a connection with your customers.

Create original messages that can make your customers want your products; and answer any concerns they may have.

Professional Counseling

Hiring specialists for your WhatsApp marketing campaign will help you better define the message and have good designs.

A venture requires investment, WhatsApp gives you the possibility of using WhatsApp Business, but optimizing a strategy in WhatsApp requires knowledge and experience.

To start with, hiring a good Copywriter will help you create good texts to attract and retain customers.

Send the messages

When the time comes, you should start sending messages remembering the recommended segmentation when the public requires it. The tools to know the metrics will help you to optimize your campaign.

Final tips for a successful WhatsApp Marketing strategy

It is the most active platform at the moment, but it is still part of a whole, it is important to complement or link the campaigns on the platform with actions on the website and a networking strategy and other elements.

For a greater reach, it is convenient to take advantage of social networks and let your potential clients know that your company has attention through WhatsApp Business.

Finally, something key: Avoid relying too much on automation.

You can set opening hours so that customers know when you are available to give them information and answers at the moment.

But as comfortable as WhatsApp is, no one likes to receive automated messages in response. It is a valuable, useful resource, but it cannot be abused.


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