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WhatsApp and the infidels: the new update that may put them in danger

Andy Vilchez
3 min read
WhatsApp and the infidels: the new update that may put them in danger

WhatsApp is, without a doubt, the most widely used messaging application in the world. This application continues in constant development to offer those features that users request so much. The new WhatsApp update brings a feature that most users asked for. But that for a small sector can be very problematic.

The new updates that the application makes available to us are already known. One of them can be a serious blow to the privacy of people, especially those who cheat on their partners. Many people ask the question of "how can I clone my partner's WhatsApp " and the good news is that since the most recent update that will not be a problem, since the new multi-device function enters.

The new multi-device function

With this new function presented by the application, you can have your account open on up to 4 devices at the same time. This includes both its web version, its version for Windows or Mac, as well as on tablets. But the difference with the current functionality is that it will not be necessary to have the mobile device connected as it was until now. If not, each device will be able to work independently.

At first it was rumored that it could even be opened on other mobiles, but we already know that in its initial version this will not be possible. However, this represents a big problem for those who have a partner who does not respect their privacy. Since it could easily log into another device and have access to your account.

However, from what has been seen in the beta, this functionality can be activated or deactivated, as well as having control of the sessions that are open, as it is today with WhatsApp Web.

Other cool features that come with this version

Have you ever sent a video on WhatsApp and realized that it looks awful? Well, you won't have to worry about it anymore, WhatsApp is changing the way videos are sent. In this way, you can manually select the video quality. This allows it to be sent without any compression, which will guarantee that your videos will arrive in their original quality.

Additionally, we can count on messages with expiration dates, these messages self-destruct once the person has seen them. We have already seen this type of feature in other applications such as Instagram. In the case of group chats, it will work in the same way, each of the members will be able to see the message, photo or video only once.

This is a very interesting function that many people have been asking for, this guarantees privacy in the event that a photo or video with sensitive content is sent. Also, when sending them, the person is not notified that it is a self-destructing message, this ensures that screenshots cannot be taken.