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Xbox improves performance on its Series S

Andy Vilchez
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Xbox improves performance on its Series S – Technology – WebMediums
New update for the Xbox Series S.

Xbox recently released an update that greatly improves the performance of the Xbox Series S. In this new update, a good amount of megabytes of memory is freed up. This translates into improved performance when playing.

Remember that the Xbox Series S is the cheapest version of the brand, so the amount of memory it has available is more limited. With this update, this is going to change, as it allows it to work more smoothly.

Anuncio de la nuevactualizaciónón.

The company has said that it has managed to solve a problem that existed in the console. This caused graphics virtual addresses to end up being assigned much slower than non-graphics.

This caused the console to lose a bit of performance, something that was not visible to the player, but that did not allow the full potential of the console to be used.

Now that's history and memory will be managed in the best possible way without affecting performance.

Although this seems somewhat minor, the truth is that it makes the Xbox Series S better prepared for future games that will be increasingly demanding.

The developers had to adapt the games to the limited specifications of the Xbox Series S. However, from now on, this will not be a problem.

The new update also reduces boot time

Another new feature included with this update is that the boot time has been reduced. This means that now the console starts up much faster than before. Although this is something that for many is not so important, the truth is that it is a great improvement.

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Xbox mejora el rendimiento en su Serie S
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