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Xiaomi 11T and 11T Pro machines in mobile performance

Alvaro Salazar
5 min read

In a world show that has been presented in Madrid. Once again, as the center of attention, Xiaomi has presented all the subtleties of the Xiaomi 11T Pro and 11T. Two new high-end phones that accompany incredibly, comparable items. However, with the distinction of the fabulous 120 W load on the Pro model.

Obviously, these last weeks we have had a few news week after week about the shipment of these new mobiles. The actual organization had said as of now that this September 15 it would present the Xiaomi 11T, however, as we had no prominent authority, what we depended on to try to stretch beyond the show was the holes and deliveries.

Xiaomi 11T and 11T Pro machines in mobile performance – Technology
Xiaomi 11T

So far, since the organization has recently discovered new gadgets that look basically the same, the work significantly over the past age and in addition, the Pro model has a staggering 120W charging the charger in the case.

You will not have the option of differentiating them by plan or screen.

In case we start talking about the map, we have mobiles that have to put an exceptionally top-notch look on the table. At the rear, the camera module with three sensors and two degrees of height stands out and will be displayed in three tones (dark, white and blue).

They are huge mobiles, with a height of more than 16 centimeters and a weight of more than 200 grams, and as for the plane, they guarantee to be unclear. The same will happen with the screen, since they both mount a 6.67-inch AMOLED plate with a 120 Hz vigor rate, 480 Hz examination, similar 800 nits splendor level and Gorilla Glass Victus insurance.

This is striking, since last year's model - which we appreciate mounted an IPS plate was highly condemned by customers and, furthermore, there is no contrast between the 11T and the 11T Pro. They both have system sound and in the sound setting we do have a slight distinction: the 11T has Dolby Atmos and the 11T Pro also has the Harman / Kardon lineup. Something else, indistinct.

Qualcomm and MediaTek's superior strength: Snapdragon 888 vs Dimensity 1200 Ultra

Inside is the place where we see a few contrasts. And, in fact, it is the main segment in which we have two different mobiles at our fingertips, since as you will see below, the cameras are equally traced.

Xiaomi Mi 11T Pro has the Snapdragon 888 as a processor. So far we've revealed a ton about this SoC that has a wild exposure, yet it does get really hot every now and then. We will have to sit and watch how the built-in heatsink works to alleviate the heat.

It has 8 or 12 GB of RAM and will appear in 128 and 256 GB capacity with the UFS 3.1 standard, so the laptop promises to be extremely fast. As for its, the Xiaomi 11T has the Dimensity 1200 Ultra, a SoC worked in 6 nanometers that reaches 3 GHz in its CPU and will have 8 GB of RAM. The capacity will also be 128 GB and 256 GB with the UFS 3.1 standard.

Both will be clearly displayed with the latest form of Android 11 and MIUI 12 and will have a 5,000 mAh battery as well. The distinction this time will be the load.

In addition, the 11T will have the 67 W charger in the case, the same one that we previously had in the Mi 11 Ultra - review and which is so far one of the fastest available.

However, obviously the one that attracts the most attention at this angle is the 11T Pro with its 120 W charger that, once again, comes in the case. According to Xiaomi it is capable of charging 42% in a short time, 70% quickly and 100% shortly, this with the phone turned off.

The trick is the use of two cells of 2,500 mAh each that work equally and try to moderate the mileage of a fast charge. They have guaranteed us that they have done tests and that they last more than 800 charge cycles until they begin to degrade. This, by the way, we reported a couple of days before, unequivocally with this charger as the protagonist.

Three indistinct cameras with 108 megapixels

Also, in the event that we're talking about cameras, we're really back in a segment where the two phones are indistinguishable. We have the fundamental 108 megapixel sensor with f / 1.75 separation and an electronic adjustment that uses the 'Super Pixel' pixel binning method to stitch 9 pixels together and structure a larger one.

Xiaomi 11T and 11T Pro machines in mobile performance – Technology
Xiaomi 11T Pro

The wide point is 8 Mpx f / 2.0 with a 120º point of view and we have the f / 2.4 rangefinder that concentrates from 3 to 7 centimeters and makes a 2x magnification of what we have in front of us. It is something that we have seen in other Xiaomi and it gives impressive results.

In the front part, in an opening in the focal part, we have a 16 megapixel sensor and, also, by programming we have both inventive photography and video impacts. Speaking of video, the 11T will record at 4K60 maximum while the 11T Pro will go up to 8K30, somewhat powered by the Snadragon 888 processor.

Shipping and cost of the Xiaomi 11T

These are generally the components of the Xiaomi 11T and 11T Pro and in all actuality they have to re-fix the market a great deal with costs. The 11T will appear in Spain from 499 euros in its base form of 8 and 128 GB. The 11T Pro will do so in its 8 + 128GB form for 649 euros.

In addition, as a shipping offer, from September 23 to October 3, Xiaomi will part with the 32 "TV Mi TVP1 with the acquisition of the Xiaomi 11T.