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Xiaomi launches a gaming mouse for a crazy price

Andy Vilchez
3 min read
Xiaomi launches a gaming mouse for a crazy price – Technology – WebMediums
Xiaomi Gaming Mouse Lite, a premium gaming mouse at a low cost.

Xioami is one of the best-known Chinese companies today, and in addition, cell phones also target other markets. This company manufactures different types of gadgets such as cameras, headphones, routers, pens and many more things.

The company recently presented a new gaming mouse which promises to be one of the best value for money options.

The Xiaomi gaming mouse is called Xiaomi Gaming Mouse Lite and has quite interesting features.

Main features of the Xiaomi Gaming Mouse Lite

Xiaomi launches a gaming mouse for a crazy price – Technology – WebMediums
A fairly complete mouse ideal for any user.

Among the main features of Xiami gaming mouse we have to have RGB LED lighting like any other gamer mouse. But not only that, but it has IP54 protection and according to the company it has a useful life of more than 80 million clicks.

As for the sensitivity of the mouse we have that it can reach up to 6,200 DPI. This configurable and has 5 modes, 400, 800, 1,600 and 6,200 DPI. It has a response of only 1 ms, and you can switch between the profiles very quickly.

Additionally, it includes a 32-bit ARM NXP processor, which guarantees a return rate of 1,000 Hz. It even has a system that prevents phantom clicks, which gives greater precision. Without a doubt, this Xiaomi gaming mouse is made for competitive use.

In terms of weight, we have a fairly light mouse with only 72 grams.

It is a mouse capable of competing on equal terms with brands such as Logitech, Razer or Corsair who dominate the gaming mouse market.

When will it be available and what will it cost?

Xiaomi launches a gaming mouse for a crazy price – Technology – WebMediums
It has a really low price of around $16.

If you wonder about the Xiaomi gaming mouse price, you will be surprised that it costs only 13.7 euros, that is, about $16. This makes its price one of the biggest attractions of this mouse.

For a fairly low price you will be able to have an excellent mouse for competitions. And this is something wonderful, since competitive mice can cost over 100 euros.

Regarding its launch, this is available from now with a "crowfunding" modality.

At the moment it will only be available for sale in China, however, it is likely that very soon we will be able to see it in different marketplaces such as AliExpress and the like.