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iOS 13, what does it bring us?

Jesús Tremont
6 min read

With the celebration of the Apple developers conference came the presentation of the long-awaited sequel to iOS. Apple first released a beta version of this new version of the operating system but there is already a public beta that, with the right device, you can install.

iOS 13, what does it bring us? – ThisPhone – WebMediums

This new version of the operating system brings with it what users have asked for the most. Dark mode. I honestly do not understand why the dark mode has been introduced until now, it is something that should always be implemented in all smartphone operating systems.

iOS 13 Dark Mode

iOS is pretty, we know, but it would be prettier and better for our dear eyes if there was a dark mode. Apple has finally brought it. After years of requests from users, the technology giant finally deigns to give us what we wanted so much.

Dark mode seems like a simple aesthetic option but for many it is a miracle. Many users are tired of burning their eyes with those garish whites that are characteristic of iOS. Dark mode doesn't have any non-visual benefits, well, if it does have one, iPhones with AMOLED screens will get a small boost in battery life. Beyond this, the fit is purely cosmetic.

iOS 13, what does it bring us? – ThisPhone – WebMediums

Maps in iOS 13

This new version is accompanied by maps very similar to those of Google Street View. The addition is called Look Around and like Google Street View, it will let us navigate around the streets with images taken from the place.

Although it looks a lot like Google Street View, Look Around has a few extra additions that make it unique, for example being able to zoom in any direction by holding down on the screen. Great for spying.

iOS 13, what does it bring us? – ThisPhone – WebMediums

iOS 13 security and privacy

Apple is known for being a very secure company, despite all those explicit photos of celebrities who have been hacked, but Apple is not so well known for taking care of the privacy of its users, that's why, in this new installment of the operating system, they added a bunch of options that will allow you to have more control over your privacy.

share location

Now you can decide when to give applications access to your location. Before, you could only give it permission or take it away, that is, once you agreed to share your location, the application could consult it whenever it wanted, unless you turned off the option to share it. Now you can decide when that application can use your location, with a new option called "Only once", this option will make that once the application in question uses your location, when you want to use it again a notification will pop up asking you to authorize once plus procedure. In addition, the applications that are in the App Store intended for children will be completely free of monitoring.

Share photos

When you want to share an image through a social network you will have the option to delete the metadata of that image, thus you will delete the time and place where it was taken if the photo has this data.

Sign in with Apple ID

We all know that on many internet pages we can log in directly with our personal Facebook or with our Google account. Apple wants to do the same and will be implementing this same feature to make life easier for its users. Now you can enter your usual page with your Apple ID, it will only be pressing a button and voila.

iOS 13, what does it bring us? – ThisPhone – WebMediums


In this new version of the operating system, Apple focuses on making it easier and more playful for people's devices who, in one way or another, are not capable of handling their smartphone on a regular basis.

Voice commands will be able to fully control an app if the app is designed with that feature. With just your voice you can navigate through the application and get where you want without problems, without using your fingers. This voice management system will also have the feature of ignoring commands if the user is not looking at the phone screen.

These additions are mainly for Apple users who suffer from a disability, but surely people without disabilities will know how to get the most out of it as well.

Type by sliding your finger in iOS 13

This new addition (note the sarcasm) will allow you to type on your device's native keyboard without lifting your finger. You just have to slide your finger through the letters that make up the word and when you release, the word you wanted will be written.

I don't understand why this feature is added in the middle of 2019, it's a super old technology that practically all cell phone operating systems have but hey, it's something else they bring us, we're not going to complain.

iOS 13, what does it bring us? – ThisPhone – WebMediums

new gallery

It was about time, the iOS gallery had been the same for years, this new update of the operating system brings with it a facelift for the gallery.

The gallery now has an artificial intelligence that allows you to make the thumbnails of your images more eye-catching. Through artificial intelligence, the gallery will show you the best frame of the photo you took, it will present you the best photos, the most striking photos will look bigger and are prioritized above the rest and much more. In addition, now you will be able to filter the images in a better way with the new filter that the application introduces.

New uses of iOS 13

These are the most relevant changes that we have been able to perceive with the open beta that Apple launched. Obviously over time this beta will be updated and we will be able to see more things.

This new version is still a beta, there are months left for Apple to finish polishing and deliver the final product to us, but for now it looks good. What do you think? Do you like it?