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Lenovo Halo: spectacular mobile dedicated to the gamer world

Ramiro Guzman
4 min read
Lenovo Halo: spectacular mobile dedicated to the gamer world
Lenovo's new title will be the most powerful of the brand, developed for the "gamer" world

Lenovo's new mobile will represent the most powerful when it comes to the world of video games for phones. Thanks to recently leaked details, it has been possible to learn more about it.

It is a new and innovative title within the brand's Legion series. Previously, other related models with certain similarities have already been recognized, but this one far exceeds them.

Lenovo Halo: the most powerful terminal for video games

Social networks are the meeting point where leaks of various kinds come together. On this occasion, a Twitter user revealed some details corresponding to the Lenovo Legion Halo.

In short, it will be the most portentous terminal of the brand to date, dedicated particularly to the gaming world. Despite its great basic characteristics, everything seems to indicate that it will maintain a conservative aesthetic with an appearance that does not ramble too much.

It describes a large screen without reliefs or apparent frames, stimulating the user experience. In it, the front camera is directly reflected, a component that will have 16 megapixel resolution.

On the reverse, its back is crowned by the triple camera module and, just below, the name of the phone series. Each one of these points is aligned in a perfectly symmetrical vertical orientation.

Lenovo Halo: spectacular mobile dedicated to the gamer world
Lenovo Legion Halo will be minimalist, but with features that will delight the public

For its part, the shades of the smartphone will not vary between black, gray and silver. Or, at least, until the leaks become more official and other details told by Lenovo appear.

At the same time, it ensures that all its features and properties will be up to the modern standard. With the constant technological and digital advancement when it comes to mobile gaming, you won't be left behind.

Exact specifications of the new Lenovo terminal

Lenovo Halo is called to revolutionize the world of video games for mobile phones. For this reason, it will be supported by a series of specifications proportional to current cybernetics. Pending confirmation of other parameters, these are the most relevant:

Processor and capacity

It is hinted that the chipset to be used will be a derivative or direct evolution of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. According to the preliminary scheme, it focuses on a Qualcomm model based on 4 nanometers, but with the alphanumeric designation SM8475.

Likewise, it will be supported by the GPU named Adreno 730 to unleash maximum possibilities and performance. There is no doubt that it will go directly to raising the productivity of consumers.

In another order of ideas, the capacity is designed to cover 8, 12 and 16 GB of RAM respectively. As an addition, depending on the model, you can also choose internal memory with 128 or 256 GB as such.

Screen technology and camera resolution

The screen will be the most striking feature of the phone, being of appropriate dimensions to ensure comfort when playing. From the initial look, it is explained that it will be 6.67 inches itself.

Regarding the intrinsic technology, the chosen one was the POLED format with FHD+ resolution. Nor is it necessary to set aside its maximum refresh rate, set at 144 Hz. As an extra fact, touch sampling will handle a figure of up to 300 Hz.

The border of the cameras, as already mentioned, goes through the same dynamics of modern mobiles. One front, with 16 megapixel resolution and three rectangular in the back.

Lenovo Halo: spectacular mobile dedicated to the gamer world
Lenovo Halo cameras exceed manufacturing standard criteria for effectiveness

To identify each one of them, they can be sectored according to what they offer. The most important will be a 50-megapixel sensor, followed by the 13-megapixel super wide-angle. Last but not least, a 2 mpx depth sensor will be involved.

Battery and performance

The autonomy of the new Lenovo Halo will be the characteristic strong point in terms of performance. In perspective, the company will manufacture this design with a minimum of 5000 mAh for the battery.

And, of course, fast charging will also cover up this scoop. With a power of 68 W, it will be the fastest that has been seen on the market, if it is officially confirmed.

Clues about its release

Everything indicates that 2022 will definitely be the year with the greatest number of mobile technology releases. Lenovo will join the dispute, adding a terminal that will revolutionize vision in the world of video games.

Although the clues about its launch are few, its sighting is planned in the current year.

The negative part is that it is not recommended waiting in the first quarter, since it is forecast for the final months between October and December.