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The best Apps to download music on your mobile device

With these applications you can get your favorite music in seconds

Enrique R
Enrique R
5 min read

Thanks to Apps, mobiles have become a multifunctional tool that allows us to enjoy many advantages with a single article.

For years, mp3 and mp4 were the reference to enjoy music and video with quality playback. Storing, downloading and creating a music library is now possible just by installing certain applications.

The fact that mobile phones increasingly have better resources for storage and playback, implies that we can get more out of these programs.

Best Apps to download music

We have selected for you the best Apps to download music and video, so you will have a filtered list in one place.


This program is recognized for being one of the best to enjoy the best stations in various countries, with sections for great classics by genre or author, it allows you to listen to practically what you are looking for.

The best Apps to download music on your mobile device – ThisPhone

What makes us include LiveXLive in this list is that it has a functionality in its pro version, when activated LiveXLive allows you to download music from any radio station you are listening to.

It is a combination of enjoying the best radio stations and at the same time with the paid version, downloading something you listen to if you like.


It is one of the best known software of all time on the topic of downloading videos. The advantage that has elevated Snaptube over many competitors is being able to download video and music from many sources.

If you want to download a YouTube video you can do it in seconds, but also from Instagram, Vimeo or other networks like Facebook. If you need more advantages, this App to download music and video gives you the option of downloading several tracks at the same time without any problem.

Choosing the resolution in which you want to enjoy the video is another option that Snaptube offers you. With so many advantages, it is not surprising that it has millions of users and its number of users continues to grow.

The best Apps to download music on your mobile device – ThisPhone

Full Video Downlader

This application was made by many users with its simple interface as the main advantage. At some point, practically 25% of android users had this App on their device.

It is easy to download tons of files with Full Video Downlader and with the same program to store music, video, images and files of different formats.

Because of the quality, no one should doubt its use, when downloading music or video with this App you will have it stored with the best possible quality.


One of the most interesting applications although for some reason it has not managed to sneak among the largest in its area.

The particularity of Deezer is that apart from music or videos, Deezer will allow you to download and organize your favorite podcasts on your mobile.

Video Grabber

With video downloading as its strength, this App helps you download all the music or videos you like to your mobile, thanks to commands so intuitive that any 8-year-old child would learn to use it in minutes.

You can get music from a variety of platforms and best of all, you can rename them to organize them at ease in a folder. It is compatible with practically all versions of the android operating system.

If you don't want to complicate yourself with complex commands or many steps, Video Grabber is the best app to download videos made for you.

The best Apps to download music on your mobile device – ThisPhone


The most outstanding feature of this application is its algorithm, it allows you to choose one, two or three songs to listen to on the radio and this system will keep playing songs similar in several respects to the first ones selected.

It seems somewhat irrelevant, but if you go on a train or plane, on a trip of hours, and you just want to relax with your headphones listening to what you like. Pandora is the App that guarantees that you will only listen to songs of your style or very similar.

The latter is the best, occasionally you will get melodies that you have not heard before, but that are certainly in the vein of what you love to hear.

If you pay for the pro service, you will have an active function to download whatever you like within what the algorithm makes it sound for you. It chooses the songs automatically for your liking and then allows you to download the ones that you are looking for, it is difficult to find a better way to build a good music library during a trip.


If yours are alternative style melodies, electronic, this is the application that best suits you. It contains a historical record of authors and music of this type and is the leading platform for promoting emerging artists in this style.

Some songs can be downloaded without having to pay for the premium service, but if you cancel the most expensive (just under $9 a month), you will have access to dozens of millions of tracks, available only to users with this paid profile.

The best Apps to download music on your mobile device – ThisPhone


The great application to listen and download reference music today. If you are a fan of a fashion artist, you will know that one of the measures of the success and / or popularity of a singer of these times is the number of reproductions or downloads of their singles on Spotify.

The app allows you to create and customize song lists, with which you will have the songs configured by author, style or however you want to organize them.

The paid service allows you to download the musical pieces you want and as it is a benchmark for new hits worldwide, little can be added so that it is understood that it is the best of the moment.