5 Economic Romantic Getaways

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The following romantic getaways, although they may seem expensive, are really economical. You can get cheap flight plans, as well as cheap tours. The best thing is to find tourist plans that guarantee emotions at low prices.

Cascais, Portugal

We can not elaborate a romantic plan to visit in Portugal that does not include Cascais, a city surrounded by history, with a beautiful harbor and a romantic atmosphere.

5 Economic Romantic Getaways – Travel – WebMediums

You can choose between being inside the city or outside in its valleys, all the hotels in the area have special tourist plans for each couple, you can choose between tours of the best places in the city or just walk on your own all its squares and emblematic places.

The best of Cascais, as a romantic place, it is your quiet nights with pleasant climates in the great restaurants of the city that keep a special space for each couple.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A great city can keep all the secrets you want especially if it's Amsterdam and although it is the capital of the Netherlands it is a romantic place with many places to fall in love.

5 Economic Romantic Getaways – Travel – WebMediums

From large theaters to small restaurants, they are at your disposal.

It is ideal to choose a small tour through its historic center, in addition to hiring a carrosa that you walk through the complex while enjoying their popular wines.

Another alternative is private yacht rides where you will only be with your partner in one of the best romantic places in the Netherlands, under the relentless liberal urban architecture of Amsterdam.

Prague, Czech Republic

If your partner is a lover of history and architecture, you can choose Prague, capital of Czech Republic as your favorite destination for a honeymoon or a romantic week.

5 Economic Romantic Getaways – Travel – WebMediums

In Prague it is stated that you do not get to know all its museums, theaters, galleries, neighborhoods, squares and other monuments in a week, that is why you must choose a tourist plan for several days while you know one of the cities little discovered by their romanticism hidden within its walls.

It is generally a passing city for entrepreneurs, but when you look at them with romantic eyes you find hundreds of places to visit, restaurants to dine under the stars and the best hotels in the continent to rest.

San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Mexico

If you want to get away from civilization and look for a quiet place, hidden among mountains but with a romantic colonial value, San Cristobal de Las Casas in Mexico will be your next stop.

5 Economic Romantic Getaways – Travel – WebMediums

San Cristóbal is an ideal place for a romantic weekend, the city does not offer great attractions to visit, but it does have a quiet, warm and very cultural environment.

Its parks are old and its squares are colonial, so walking around the city is an activity to do in pairs.

San Cristóbal de Las Casas is known for its religion and during the day you can visit its hills, churches and cathedrals, then in the evenings dine in its luxurious restaurants with a local gastronomy very appreciated by the tourist.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is recognized as one of the most romantic cities in South America. The stars adorn the cold nights while you enjoy its tourist attractions.

5 Economic Romantic Getaways – Travel – WebMediums

Be considered one of the cities most romantic in Latin America requires innovation and a constant challenge to please all the requirements of couples seeking tranquility and fun in the city.

Undoubtedly, its parks are the main attractions, where you can spend a whole day or go out to their museums, theaters and in the evening have dinner in any of the restaurants on the outskirts of the city that have Argentine urban planning in the background.