5 secret places to visit in England

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England is considered one of the places with the most beautiful towns in the world for its streets with medieval styles and its natural landscapes characteristic of this country.

In the south of England we find a beautiful city like Great Britain, this country is located outside of Spain. This city has many historical tourist sites, it also has large churches in the Gothic style, beautiful towns and an endless number of places to visit.

5 secret places to visit in England – Travel – WebMediums

Bibury in the Cotswolds in the shot of London exactly in the Costwolds region is this beautiful site worth visiting for being one of the most characteristic and beautiful villages in England. Its streets without asphalt traditionally, stone constructions and very cozy places that are worth visiting.

On this site is a tiny village that has no more than three streets adorned with stone houses and other charming sites.

Corfe Castle is a beautiful village near Bournemouth close to the English Channel. This is a place where you can see remains of a castle from medieval times, where its sidewalks or streets are full of houses made of stone.

Not only its castle is worth visiting if you should not walk its streets to appreciate its beautiful meadows and its beautiful stone constructions that give this place beauty and color.

5 secret places to visit in England – Travel – WebMediums
Corfe Castle

Lacock in Wessex is located in the county of Wessex, it is a place full of color where a famous tourist can be seen because there have been filming successful movies lent to its medieval structure.

Although it only has four streets, it is wrapped in history and charm for being a presentation of the rural architecture of the English. It is a small hill that originated in the 12th century.

As it is a tourist attraction, you can interact with other visitors, enjoy places to eat, shop and enjoy the journey. Golden Hill in Shafestbury is a town that is located in the county of Dorset, near another tourist site that is the prehistoric region of Stonehenge, it is a very beautiful corner in the English nature.

It is a place where you live in ancient times from where you can even bring a postcard from the site to share its beauty. Stroll through its beautiful streets and visit the historic market.

5 secret places to visit in England – Travel – WebMediums
Golden hill

The magical Gastonbury is located in the county of Somerset, south of Bath is a small town of legends about the Queen of Geneva, King Arthur, and the Holy Grail. They say that it was possibly in this town that they were buried.

It is a place where each of its streets, buildings, is full of magic and charm because this is the place par excellence for pilgrims to practice mysticism and esotericism.

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