Amazing places to see in Cape Town

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Cape Town is one of the main fashionable destinations that tourists seek to visit, as it has a rich gastronomy, great natural diversity and a completely interesting history.

Amazing places to see in Cape Town – Travel – WebMediums

Table Mountain is the most iconic monument in Cape Town, as it is a table-shaped mountain. This mountain has a height of 900 meters and is 500 million years old, although it is also the best viewpoint that can be seen in the Cape, since its silhouette dominates the entire city.

In the District 6 museum you can learn about the recent history of Cape Town, as well as what the racist problem of Apartheid is. In the museum you can see the eerie displays of racial rejection that originated over decades.

Amazing places to see in Cape Town – Travel – WebMediums

Robben Island is the island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years and where South Africa's greatest human rights fighters were also imprisoned.

In Cape Town there are a large and extensive number of beaches to enjoy and know, so the ideal ones are the Camps Bay beach that offers a good tropical atmosphere with its palm trees, on Muizenberg beach its colorful huts stand out.

The best wines are harvested in South Africa, so being in Cape Town, you can visit the vineyards of Franschoek and Stellenbosch. However, the best wineries in Franschoek are Haute Cabrière, Môreson and La Petite Ferme, while in Stellenbosch are Kanonkop, Delaire Graff Estate and Tokara.

If you like adrenaline, the best option to feel it is diving into the ocean inside a cage that will be surrounded by white sharks. Also, in Cabo there are many licensed companies that offer this activity. So do not miss the great opportunity to know what it feels like to see white sharks swimming around you.

Amazing places to see in Cape Town – Travel – WebMediums
Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden

Woodstock is one of the most emerging and vibrant places that Cape Town has, since in its streets you can see more than 100 creations that are totally urban art that make up and decorate each of the facades of the buildings and businesses that there they are.

Lion's Head is a mountain that is located between Signal Hill and Table Montain. Likewise, the Dutch were the ones who named this peak that way, since it looks like a crouching lion.

Boulders Beach is located in the Table Mountain National Park, within this beach there is a colony of African penguins that settled there in 1982. Also, this area has some plots that are perfect for walking and being able to observe the penguins.

Amazing places to see in Cape Town – Travel – WebMediums

The Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden is a sanctuary that is dedicated to the flora of South Africa, so there are approximately 7000 species of different plants that belong to the south of this continent.

Among the attractions that the botanical garden has is a fragrance garden, a garden of medicinal plants and a large passage that offers the best views of all this beautiful place.