Beach of Buzios in Brazil

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Two hours by land from Rio de Janeiro, buzios Beach is one of the best coasts in Brazil and one of the most popular in Latin America.

Beach of Buzios in Brazil – Travel – WebMediums

Located in the region of the lakes, Buzios has calm and crystal clear waters, in addition, one of its favorite attractions for tourists is its marine wealth that thanks to the clarity of the water can be appreciated.

Buzios has more than 25 beaches, each with a different tourist plan as well as prices and amenities designed for all kinds of people, what the tourism industry of the region has wanted is to make sure that their coasts offer what their tourists have come to look for.

Beach of Buzios in Brazil – Travel – WebMediums

One of the reasons for which they choose Buizos is for its strong winds, this is special for air lovers who wish to practice free flight, parachuting and even sailing.

In addition to that, Buizos has a new team of professionals security that will be available 24 hours a day to ensure peace of mind and address accidents, which rarely happen.

Beach of Buzios in Brazil – Travel – WebMediums

On Rua das Pedras street there is the main chain of hotels, restaurants, theaters, shopping centers and bars, all perfectly aligned to ensure that visitors enjoy the proximity of the sites and the security of returning to the hotel instantly.

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Playa de Buzios en Brasil
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