Elqui Valley in Chile

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A majestic Valley embraces Chile. the Elqui Valley with more than 750 hectares dedicated to the natural reserve of the Elqui River, is a tourist destination to visit in Chile.

Among the advantages of Valle Del Elqui, is its variety of hotels installed throughout the entire valley, each one is located at considered distances from the others staying with good views of nature that the Cordillera de los Andes gives us.

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Hotels should be mostly reserved with time, this is because frequent tourists to this Valley usually stay for weeks while they travel or enjoy their surroundings, presenting a problem when the stay is not assured.

A rare tourist attraction are their stories of unidentified flying objects better known by their acronym UFO, for lovers of this practice, the Elqui Valley has a changing climate, while on the coasts there are more clouds when you want to reach the mountain range, the climate is drier.

Chile supports the fauna and flora conservation of the area, each time its policies point to the preservation of the Elqui river basin and its natural variety.

In addition, it represents an important and favorable environment for the inhabitants of the surrounding areas, as well as its economic value due to tourism.

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Valle Del Elqui en Chile
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