Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

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Mount Kilimanjaro not only is it the largest in Africa, it occupies the tenth position in the world.

A striking example of the power of nature conformed by three volcanoes, reaching a height of approximately 5,900 meters.

Being one of the highest in the planet it is logical to find a great variety of ecosystems and fauna, flora and spices they are noted with great tourist and conservationist value.

Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania – Travel – WebMediums

Its main attraction is climbing Mount, however it is a practice only for professionals because among myths, legends and cases of real life, the mountain literally "swallows people".

An incredible place to visit, it has private cabins and supply centers, however, the hotel chains and others are not in the mountains, but in the surroundings.

Everything to preserve this beauty, such beauty that is considered a world heritage by UNESCO, which is a title more than deserved.

Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania – Travel – WebMediums

When you visit to try to climb it you should wait for the exploration groups that start every time their routes since it is not allowed to ascend in it without prior authorization.

But Mount Kilimanjaro it is not invulnerable to climate change, who has been guilty of its melting and environmental problems.

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Monte Kilimanjaro en Tanzania
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