Reasons to visit Uruguay on vacation

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Its Gastronomy and there is nothing better than starting with food, once you are in Uruguay, obviously you cannot stop trying its culinary delicacies.

The typical Uruguayan food based on beef surprises with its flavor that, in combination with spices, is a luxury for the palate. On this occasion we will mention the Uruguayan barbecue, a representative dish of this region, it is usually prepared on firewood, so the good flavor will increase as it is cooked.

Reasons to visit Uruguay on vacation – Travel – WebMediums

Punta del Este is even known worldwide as one of the best spas, it offers locals and tourists the opportunity to enjoy an excellent climate and warm waters for their maximum enjoyment.

Piriápolis is a spa located only 35 kilometers from Maldonado. From hotels, beautiful houses, social life, restaurants and its commercial activity make this place a good stay to know.

Montevideo is the paradisiacal capital that offers tourists a variety of entertainment, its extensive urban setting is ideal for walks with family and friends. From shops to cafés and small restaurants, there is something for everyone.

Reasons to visit Uruguay on vacation – Travel – WebMediums
Eastern tip

Colonia del Sacramento, is the capital of the very popular department of Colonia. This site is representative of the beauty and charm of the Uruguayan country, and an excellent site for recreation. The city combines interesting history with wonderful old structures.

In Uruguay, you will have at your disposal the most spectacular beaches, with white sands and sunny weather, historical sites, and a nature that will catch you from the first moment.