The best coasts of Spain according to foreigners

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Costa de Bolonia, Andalusia, you can enjoy a bath of water and sun in the Atlantic, an experience like no other. You will enjoy art, stroll through the old or ancient ruins of Baelo Claudia, everything you never imagined in a single Bolonia beach, as well as being in Cádiz, the authentic province of Spain.

Costa de las Catedrales, it is known as Mariña, in it, you can enjoy a day full of charm and tranquility next to the sea and the wind, they make the landscape of this charm dazzle around the entire coast, becoming one of those places that we can never forget.

The best coasts of Spain according to foreigners – Travel – WebMediums

The coast of Cala Macarella and Macarelleta, Balearic Islands, is one of the most charming beaches on the island, for this reason it is very photographed by visitors. It is an option worth visiting.

Ses Illetes coast, Balearic Islands are beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters, where you will enjoy the sun as well as being able to carry out other activities such as snorkeling.

Costa del Papagayo, the Canary Islands are golden sandy coasts, clear transparent waters and little passed by visitors.

The best coasts of Spain according to foreigners – Travel – WebMediums

Costa de Cofete, the Canary Islands is one of the most famous virgins, even though it does not top the list for 2018.

Costa de Valdevaqueros, Andalusia, sports such as kitesurfing and windsurfing are usually practiced due to the influx of its mild winds, which usually blow with intensity.

Costa de rodas, Galicia was selected as one of the best in the world by the British newspaper. It is an earthly paradise with very turquoise and transparent waters.

Coast of La Concha, Basque Country. You can walk along its Paseo de la Concha, and then approach the city we can walk along the Paseo de la Concha that leads you to the city of Peine de los viento.

Costa de Cala Saona, in Formentera, stands out for being small, but it leaves those who know it in love. It covers a route of 140 meters, but you will have access to everything in one place, restaurants, refreshing drinks such as the beach bar, hammocks, among others.

Costa de Torimbia, Asturias, is protected by several slopes, can be visited whenever we want and has pedestrian access. In it, you can enjoy the sun or have a cold drink.

The best coasts of Spain according to foreigners – Travel – WebMediums
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Las mejores costas de España segun los extranjeros
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