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The best tourist sites to visit post Covid-19

Engelberth Salas
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After the events that occurred at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, it has become clear to humanity that everything can change from one moment to another. For many, a normal and routine day suddenly turned into panic, due to the fact of not knowing what would happen tomorrow, or even, will there be a tomorrow?

When COVID-19 began to spread, it profoundly affected the lives of many, who learned to get ahead and enjoy the rest of their lives. Since they learned something, and it is that many people did not have that opportunity.

In the same way, enjoying the space and taking time for those things that are enjoyed stopped being an unusual habit. Since many understood that this is not only a luxury but a necessity, therefore, all people should enjoy a proper vacation regularly.

The best places to visit on vacation after covid 19:

Since ancient times, the human being has stood out for the great difference that it has compared to the tastes of each individual, therefore, the places that each one wishes to visit are very volatile. Although among the most common we can mention the beaches, country places, mountains and much more.

An underwater paradise:

In Greece, more specifically in the city of Alónnisos, there is an extraordinary place that only recently came into operation. It is commonly known as " The Parthenon of Shipwrecks ", in which there are remains of ancient ships that ended up under the sea.

These ruins were conditioned to offer the public an exclusive walk through one of the museums with the oldest boats and the first to be aquatic. Ships from many different eras are found there, including a very peculiar barge that was sunk in the 5th century BC. In addition, most of these shipwrecks are found 20 meters below the water.

It has 2,261 square kilometers, which initially had as a priority, saving the life of the monk seal, which lives in the Mediterranean Ocean. And in turn, protect from all the treasures found in the shipwrecks.

For those who wish to observe this wonderful place without the need to immerse themselves in the water, they can go to the information center offered by this island and get a visit through virtual reality.

The African Eden:

Although the African continent is famous for its vast expanses of plains and dry land, there are impressive spaces such as the city of Gabon, where animals and vegetation tell a completely different story.

This area has been protected, because it has endangered species, such as the western gorilla. That generally, tourists are offered a walk with only four people, to observe the warm landscapes, the vegetation, and some of the animals that lie in the place.

In the same way, it is important to mention that it is not guaranteed that all animals can be observed, this in order not to intervene in their lifestyle. The park has: elephants, hippos, leatherback turtles, whales, migratory dolphins (in the months between June and August) and among many others.

Much emphasis is also placed on the importance of protecting nature through ecotourism, thus guaranteeing a balanced life between animals and human beings around the planet.

The furthest volcanic island:

This island is located in Australia, under the name of Lord Howe, it is surrounded by the sea known as Tasmania. The main feature is its remoteness from the coast, which is very positive for the land, vegetation and animals. Even a very curious fact regarding this very strange location is that it only managed to be inhabited in the 13th century. In addition, in order to protect the ecosystem that has been formed, only a total of 400 visits are allowed.

According to experts, the island was formed by a volcano that erupted in prehistoric times and thanks to the measures taken, the place is seen as a true paradise. Inside, it has many animals (especially insects in danger of extinction) that enjoy the environment, which are protected by humans, in case new species want to throw the existing balance out of control.

On the other hand, in the outer part of the island, the reefs and coral are the real protagonists, thanks to them, there are more than 500 specimens of different fish and this without counting other marine animals such as hawksbill turtles.

Space of cultures around nature:

It is a different and unique place, in which the animals or the splendor of the landscape do not stand out, but the great variety of people who can inhabit it without fear of discrimination or aggression due to some type of disagreement in beliefs, religion, sex, among others.

It is located in British Columbia in Canada, whose region has seen many nations form, in addition to this, it has great knowledge about indigenous culture. Not only does it present historical knowledge about the region and its inhabitants, it also has an amusement park known as the largest in the entire country.

For those who want to know the vegetative areas of the place, they can count on guided tours through the forest and acquire essential knowledge about the plants that grow there. Some of these are curative, others are consumed, and the land is even used for technological purposes.

Tourist destinations are only limited to the taste and / or need of each person, you can find beautiful landscapes, ideal beaches to enjoy the sun and sand, historical places, animals of all kinds and much more.

Finally, it is important to mention that all the aforementioned places have made their access regulations more flexible so that anyone who does not have the virus can enter and enjoy them. Therefore, they become the best places that are visitable post-pandemic so far.


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