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These are the 5 most beautiful islands in the Caribbean

The paradisical corners that nature gives us

Sofía González
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Among the advantages you get when choosing the Caribbean as your vacation destination are its islands. In these beautiful beaches you will enjoy throughout the year you will enjoy the sun and charm.

Each of these islands offers unparalleled attractions for its visitors, with accommodation and entertainment for all tastes and budgets.

You will only have to bring the desire to have a great time on a family vacation or perhaps on a weekend getaway as a couple.

Enjoy a wonderful vacation in the Caribbean, on one of these islands

Dominican Republic

These are the 5 most beautiful islands in the Caribbean – Travel – WebMediums
Punta Cana an earthly paradise

More than 400 kilometers of beaches, in an exuberant environment, is the main, but not the only offer of this island for its visitors.

Punta Cana, with its beaches of transparent waters and white sand, is the perfect destination to enjoy the sun, the breeze and the sea, with a hotel offer under the All-Inclusive concept so that you only have to wear a bathing suit.

For different activities, you can allocate one of the days of your vacation to know the Blue Hole, internationally recognized as the most beautiful freshwater cenote in the world.

This is a destination for lovers of adventure tourism. To get to this natural freshwater pool, you must cross the park trails, until you find the water hole, on well-marked trails.

At this moment you choose whether to jump off the platform or use the stairs arranged to enter its transparent waters nestled in a magical environment.


These are the 5 most beautiful islands in the Caribbean – Travel – WebMediums

Known as Little England in the Caribbean, this island offers an interesting contrast to its shores.

You will find beaches with turquoise water, very white sand, pink coral and endless palm trees.

On the other hand, the coast is washed by the Atlantic Ocean, offering an impressive geography dominated by strong and turbulent waves, with some protected beaches, destined for diving and surfing.

However, beyond its splendid beaches, one of the main attractions that the island offers is hidden under the surface of the sea.

On board a submarine you will be delighted by an impressive coral reef and its interesting fauna in which sea turtles and a variety of fish stand out.

For a day with more peaceful activities, you can visit the island's capital, Bridgetown, with its imposing colonial buildings and the historic center, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

These are the 5 most beautiful islands in the Caribbean – Travel – WebMediums

Another visit that you cannot miss is Harrison's Cave, a crystallized limestone cavern that has streams and waterfalls.

It is a journey of just over a kilometer aboard an electric tram, which stops to enjoy a waterfall that flows into a beautiful deep pool.

St. Lucia

These are the 5 most beautiful islands in the Caribbean – Travel – WebMediums

An island on the eastern coast of the Caribbean, it has the unique attraction in the world of two volcanic peaks, in mountains that are particularly sharp as two impressive triangles. Its flag has this representation that is the symbol of the island.

A fascinating excursion can take you to the top of the Gros Piton, the first of the two peaks, with 797 meters of climbing.

You will enjoy unsurpassed emotions, climbing the slopes of the mountain and the lava rock steps and admiring magnificent landscapes on the twin mountain Petit Piton and in the Caribbean Sea. From the top, your gaze covers the entire island.

In its tropical forests you will find beautiful waterfalls such as Toraille, 15 meters high and on its coasts you can see volcanic beaches, reef diving sites, luxurious resorts and charming fishing villages.

Castries, one of its main cities, is an obligatory port for cruises that cross the Caribbean.

Puerto Rico

These are the 5 most beautiful islands in the Caribbean – Travel – WebMediums

Known as the island of charm or Borinquen, it offers us landscapes of mountains, waterfalls and tropical forests. The Isla Verde area is popular for its strip of hotels, beach bars and famous casinos.

Its beautiful beaches, among which Playa Sucia stands out, which is located in the extreme west of the island. It has calm waters, with gentle waves.

Although its name suggests another aspect, its waters are transparent and warm. On this beach you will find the famous Los Morillo lighthouse from where you will have a wonderful panoramic view.

Another very popular beach is Playa Escondida, ideal for those who love snorkeling, with an impressive underwater life.

However, you must bear in mind that since it is a beach a bit far away, it is essential that you carry everything you need in regard to hydration and food.

In addition to the beaches, Puerto Rico offers the charms of Old San Juan, where you will see its colorful Spanish colonial-style buildings and the great fortresses of Morro and La Fortaleza, both built several centuries ago.

You are going to enter the seventeenth century with its buildings from the colonial era such as the Castillo San Felipe del Morro, La Puerta de San Juan and the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista.

The nights in Old San Juan invite you to visit its bars and entertainment establishments.


These are the 5 most beautiful islands in the Caribbean – Travel – WebMediums

It is a cozy island, with a lot of cultural diversity, with a varied and very interesting gastronomy.

Located to the south of the Caribbean Sea, it is part of the Lesser Antilles and among its tourist attractions stand out, without a doubt, its beautiful white sand beaches and crystal clear waters.

When it comes to beaches, you find them for all tastes. From Hadikurari beach, sought after by snorkelers, El Águila, with its picnic areas, Baby, ideal to enjoy with the family, Las Palmeras, known for its calm waters and Rogers beach, with turbulent waters.

Among other tourist attractions is the California lighthouse, which owes its name to the ship of the same name that was wrecked on those coasts from where you can appreciate an incredible view of the island and let yourself be seduced by the Hudishibana sand dunes.

Remember, if you want to spend an unforgettable vacation, the paradisiacal islands of the Caribbean are waiting for you.

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