Warsaw in Poland

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We continue talking about cities that are reborn and offer their true face to the world, warsaw is the site of important peace agreements, treaties and legacies, all because of being the capital of Poland and wanting to demonstrate that it is worth traveling, knowing its culture and learning about a past that fought for its freedom.

Warsaw in Poland – Travel – WebMediums

Arriving in Warsaw you find a cultural center that is apparently new, it is all due to the reconstruction by the consequences of the war in the 40s; but today it is a cultural, historical and recreational exhibition, so much so that UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site 40 years later because of its meaning and hope.

In recent years, Warsaw became an economic center, financial and obligatory step in central Europe giving result to the construction of new buildings, hotels and urban centers.

Warsaw in Poland – Travel – WebMediums

When traveling to Warsaw, you will find colorful and beautifully detailed architecture, as well as its variety because Poland was seen by several ancient legions as a land to be conquered and between the great wars, conquests and liberations, memories were left carved in the walls, buildings and temples of the city, others were reconstructed and some objects such as ceramics, paintings and clothes were rescued among the ruins.

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