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What to see in Porto?: 8 places to visit

Dilis Salazar
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What to see in Porto?: 8 places to visit – Travel – WebMediums
The best places to see in Porto

Porto is a coastal city, known for its bridges, its medieval style, and its narrow streets adorned with merchant houses. This town, located in the northwest of Portugal, is one of the most beautiful places to see in Europe, so if you come, enjoy your trip and have a good time.

Beforehand, do not forget to know everything you need to visit in this medieval town, and make a mandatory stop at the sites that we will tell you about below.

Lello and Irmão Bookstore

A beautiful building that stands out among others for its neo-Gothic style concept from 1906.

As part of the most beautiful places in Porto, this bookstore stands out, which has been a source of inspiration for writers such as JK Rowling, who spent years in the city, later creating the famous "Harry Potter" saga.

With a fascinating history and a structure that takes you back about 100 years, this impressive bookstore enchants with its modernist details in full wooden shelves, which make it even more magical.

Stock Exchange Palace

What to see in Porto?: 8 places to visit – Travel – WebMediums
Stock Exchange Palace in Porto

When you arrive at the Palacio de la Bolsa, you must pay 10 euros for the entrance fee, in order to enjoy a guided tour. It is for many, one of the main places to see in the city.

Between the tours, the guide will take you to the Patio de las Naciones, a beautiful complex covered by a glass roof, which allows you to climb a granite staircase, which gives access to the most important parts of the palace.

Likewise, you will be able to visit the Court room, the presidential room, or the famous Golden Room, a unique place where some 1,000 books are kept.

Clerigos Church and Tower

What to see in Porto?: 8 places to visit – Travel – WebMediums
Clerigos Church and Tower

Another place to see in Porto is the church and Torre dos Clérigos. This is a building built between 1735 and 1748.

It is considered one of the Baroque-style churches that still stands. Historically, this is the place where the executions were carried out, since it was built on the hill of the hanged.

The baroque-style building is 76 meters high, and has one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the city. It has 240 steps used, where you can see some 49 bells that form the chime.

Porto Cathedral

What to see in Porto?: 8 places to visit – Travel – WebMediums
Porto Cathedral one of the places to see

The Porto Cathedral has a lot to show, this is a Romanesque style building that stands out for its original façade, decorated with blue tile murals, a characteristic of Portugal.

Inside, it stands out for its very sober decoration, with a feeling of narrowness and height, with a central nave.

Located in the Batalha neighborhood, this has been the most important historical building in the city, as it is close to the walls, which protected this place for a long time.

Although it has undergone some transformations, its style is maintained through the baroque air, with a Romanesque structure, a cloister and a chapel of San Juan Evangelista.

Rua da Santana viewpoint

On the Porto city tour, you will find hundreds of alleys that are connected through history and the medieval aspect. The steep and picturesque streets can take you to the Rua da Santana Viewpoint, one of the most beautiful to see the beautiful city.

On the tour of the streets and its central squares, you cannot miss the Avenida dos Aliados. In it you can admire a beautiful town hall, where the executive power of the city is currently exercised.

Do Barredo neighborhood

What to see in Porto?: 8 places to visit – Travel – WebMediums
Barrio Do Barredo the most melancholic place in Porto

Continuing the tour through the narrow streets of Porto, you cannot lose sight of the Barrio Do Barredo, one of the essential places you must see in the city. This is located between the Cathedral and the River Duero.

It is an old neighborhood, a bit deteriorated, with abandoned buildings and a melancholic air that can be perceived among its smells and colors. Despite this, to get to know the essence of the city of Porto, we cannot fail to visit this neighbourhood.

San Bento Station

A few meters from the square, you can see the San Bento Train Station. This is one of the places to see in Porto. Built during the 9th century, on the ruins of the old convent of San Bento, it is one of the most beautiful stations in the world, it is there what makes it so emblematic.

Street of the Flowers

The tour continues through another of the emblematic periods of the city, this is the route of Rua de las Flores. It is a pedestrian street, considered one of the most beautiful in Porto.

A street full of cafes, shops, historic buildings, and of course, countless stores specializing in Haberdashery, or Portuguese products. And for those who want to try the local food, or the best dishes of Portugal, this is one of the best places.

There is no doubt that Porto is a magical city, which you can visit if you come to Portugal. If you want to cover it from head to toe, you will need at least two three days.

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