What to see on El Hierro island?

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It is an island whose history comes after Christopher Columbus sailed and made one of the most famous voyages of antiquity in these waters, it is one of the smallest islands in the Canary archipelago.

Currently, it is considered a natural paradise, it can be said that each year it receives more than 20 million people who travel to enjoy the wonders that El Hierro offers.

What to see on El Hierro island? – Travel – WebMediums

An important and significant fact on this island is that they carried out an environmental and technological program that today served them to generate an energy source produced by mills that uses the wind for its operation not only that, but the water of this island is used like a hydroelectric mechanism.

The Feast of the Bajada de la Virgen de los Reyes, makes this celebration of the patron saint El Hierro more striking is that it is only celebrated every four years, and this makes tourists look forward to every so often to be able to enjoy this party.

This celebration has been held since 1741, and consists of the Virgin being transported along natural paths, and is followed by the inhabitants and visitors who are dressed in typical and colorful costumes, musical bands and dancers from the area also go on the tour.

A curious fact is that this party lasts for more than four weeks, and it is said that the next date for this celebration is most likely July 3, 2021.

Diving in the Mar de las Calmas Marine Reserve, in 2000 it was declared by Unesco as a biosphere reserve, due to its crystal clear water and the incredible natural landscapes it has.

On this island there is vegetation at the bottom of the sea, through diving you can see with total clarity this immense range of species, colors, among others. The underwater volcanoes in this town allow the water temperature to be between 18 and 25 degrees throughout the year.

What to see on El Hierro island? – Travel – WebMediums

In this place we not only see species such as: Mediterranean parrot fish, sharks, tunas, dolphins, barracudas, manta rays and whales. You can also enjoy the delicious gastronomy that they offer you in this town.

Mirador de La Peña was designed by César Manrique, an architect who works hand in hand with nature and designed this viewpoint so that the inhabitants and visitors can enjoy the wonders of the island.

In this town you can observe and enjoy the views of the Gulf Valley and the Fuga de la Gorreta, without a doubt an incredible sight that will leave you speechless.

Eco museum of Guinea is an open-air museum with a magnificent tour of a volcanic cave. It has approximately 20 old houses from its origin. In the eco museum you will find a lizard that is in danger of extinction.

What to see on El Hierro island? – Travel – WebMediums

However, in the center their reproduction has been achieved thanks to their captivity and a few lizards are already reproduced and placed in their habitat.

El Hierro Island offers you an itinerary of outdoor activities that will make you have the best of your vacations, you can practice a series of activities such as: diving, paragliding, enjoying the beach and natural pools.

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