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"Arcane" is positioned in the list of the best series beating "Game of Thrones"

Luis Rafael
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The new series "Arcane" has caused a lot of controversy since it was published on Netflix, in addition with the passing of time was acquiring a lot of fame and gained millions of viewers in less than 4 months.

It has an excellent fictional story, with special characters, unique performances and the best settings.

This series is inspired by the video game "League Of Legend" one of the best RPG games of all time. In addition, the same creators of the game are carrying out the direction of the scenes of the combat series.

The series inspired by "League Of Legend" surpassed "Game of Thrones" in the list of most viewed series

"Arcane" is positioned in the list of the best series beating "Game of Thrones"
"Arcane" is positioned in the list of the best series beating "Game of Thrones"

A week ago the famous series "Arcane" had a score of 9.0 according to the data of the IMDb association which is an excellent figure for a series on the rise. However, 2 days ago the fictional series managed to raise its score to 9.4 beating "Game of Thrones" whose score is 9.2 on IMDb.

In the position that are overtaking the "Arcane" series are other well-known titles such as Chernobyl, Blood Brothers, The Wire and Planet Earth II, which is currently topping the list.

It is not surprising that this new series is being so successful, since it took 7 years for the creators and producers who carried out this work to make all the preparations so that the series was authentic and faithful to the history of the video game.

Obviously all this was thanks to Riot Games and Fortiche, the companies that were in charge of producing this amazing series, but it is also due to the fact that the gamer community migrated to the streaming platform increasing its influence.

The new series got a perfect score on "Rotten Tomatoes"

"Rotten Tomatoes" is the world's most prestigious professional film critics platform, the best cult films in history are positioned on this website. Today the series inspired by "League Of Legend" achieved a score of 100% in the specialized critic section of the platform and 99% in the opinion of the viewers.

This means that, speaking of production quality, shots, plots, scenes and script, "Arcane" is the best of this 2021, surpassing the series "The Squid Game" and "Midnight Mass".

The creators of "Arcane" mention that they did not expect so much success

The production companies of the animated series lately have been very excited and have appreciated the excellent results they have obtained. But, during a statement made by Riot Games through Twitter, he mentioned that he did not expect his series to have so much influence.

Since, normally the series and films that are structured and take several years of production are normally undervalued by their viewers, since their expectations are always high.

He also published a few words for his followers: "our company is really grateful to all of you, you made this possible and I hope we can continue to count on all your support to continue making new seasons of this wonderful series", thus ended the post from the official Riot Games account.